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October 25, 2006



I genuinely don't understand the point of these meetings. Does anyone in Washington think that ordinary people are demanding that a single company control every source of media available to them? I think not. That said, will angry ranting make a difference here? If so, blog about it beforehand and we'll all pile on down and unload. But again, I think not. My solution to this dilemma was simply to let my TV die and stay dead ( no more magikal resurrections by cleaning the HV transformer ) I think this is what needs to happen, people need to shut this stuff out of their lives permanently, and make a point of it. Same thing with DRM. Just stop buying the crap. Your life will improve measurably, and there will suddenly be a compelling reason in the boardrooms to diversify...Our vote may now be meaningless, but our purchases certainly aren't. What do you call this system, where citizens are now consumers?


I agree with K. about letting the T.V. die and shutting the commercial crap
out of our lives. If enough people begin to walk away from these sorts of
things, (T.V., bad radio, certain forms of commerce) I believe they'll collapse
in an entertaining fashion. Wouldn't it be cool if we could walk away from
these economic systems/religions we're forced to participate in....... However, I personally believe that giving government representatives a piece
of your mind is always an important thing to do whether it seems initially
effective or not for a number of reasons......It's always good that "the powers" know someone is still paying attention even if they believe they can marginalize these people......

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