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October 30, 2006



Hot dog, you beat me to posting about Miss Prill (though I actually have to give ups to frequent Blather Box poster Joe Nathan for turning me on to the video links).

I uploaded some video (Quicktime files to download and keep) and an mp3. Go ahead and add these to the post if you like, or leave them right here.
Nasty mp3
Nasty quicktime video (13mb)
Pump Up the Jam quicktime video (10mb)
That line in "Nasty" where she just screams, "No my first name ain't baby, it's ahhhhhhhhh!!! Nasty!", has to be one of my favorite things of recent memory.

Oh, and you have to watch the two part interview on YouTube - it's perhaps the most uncomfortable 15 minutes in cable access TV, mostly because of both Sandra and host Rory Penland's approximations of humor are awkward at best:
Part One
Part Two - features her sad proclamation that she is "MIA sex"

Man, I heart Miss Prill!

Account Deleted

And hey, I was trying to clean up that mp3 a bit, to no avail, but I did accidentally make this
Robot Prill mp3
which I find oddly compelling. If someone had the talent to put beats behind this or something, it may rival Kraftwerk. Though with much more emotion, of course.

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