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October 19, 2006



As a little kid, those Spire comics creeped me out. Even though I didn't fully know why. My Dad once accidentally brought some home for me, thinking he had bought regular Archie mags. I ended up putting them in the garbage. They left a bad taste in my 6-year old mouth.


I understand that some of the artists with the actual Archie comic books occasionally worked on the Spire Archie comics as well, one reason the Christian comics are virtually indistinguishable from the regular ones.


And I thought those Christian Archie comics were just fever dreams. No, they were real! Yikes.

There was so much Johnny Cash Christian tie-in stuff with Gospel Road. But they always seemed to leave out his brother's death - ripped in half by a band saw. Now there's an image that would really scare young comics readers to Christ.

jon raasch

check out for some bizarre modern christian comics

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