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October 05, 2006



My wife shares your loss. Recently, when I undertook a short roadtrip from Canada to the US, she asked me to look for Guac Doritos, which recently disappeared from Canadian shelves. But none were to be found. I did score some lovely Takis at some Mexican groceries though - the guacamole ones are good, but muy spicy.


Firstly, Hi Bronwyn.. Nothing like a well written essay to perk up lunch hour.

Friends of mine went on a political speaking tour in the early 90s. What this meant was that they ennded up staying at the "punk house" in a nummber of cities. The house where the bands stay, where they don't believe in getting proper sleep.
Well, since my friends lacked the cash to just pay for their way, they did dishes. This may suprise you, and of course the census department does not keep this sort of data, but at least at that time there were copious amounts of dirty dishes at literally every "punk house" along the route. I stayed at a few of these places mmyself during my years in Joe Schmoe's anarchist federation. Typically every last dish in the house was used and in the sink. I beleive it was somewhere in the midwest, like Madison, where my friends were teaming up and doing the dishes when they discovered beneath the dishes a layer of something much more disgusting. Upon investigation, and questioning of individuals in the house the substance was revealed to be the remains of an abortive attempt to follow a recipe for vegan dog food. Oh did I mention every punk house has to have a pit bull? Because otherwise who would chew the furniture and eat the remote? Sometime between 3 and 5 a.m. there is often a 20 minute interval of silence in these places. Who would bisect it with barking were it not for the oh so misunderstood pit bull?
I must say there has to be a whole world of counter-cultural naivete I know nothing about. The political folks I've kept company with since the late 80s apparently have some base-level of shit togetherness which would preclude poop ever being found on a horizontal kitchen surface. On the other hand I've had to listen to all of the Clash's Sandinista more times than most.
While human excrement on the kitchen counter is probably way beyond rotting vegetables in the bottom of a slop sink I think it is safe to say that not just hippies but any folks who make a career of lingering in the youth culture ghetto they discovered sophmore year can generally be counted upon for this sort of thing.


Dude... no. Just, no.

a) organic farmers compost their cow shit before spreading it on the fields, which kills the e coli

b) organic beef farmers feed their cows grass, which results in cow shit with low levels of the scary e coli (yes there is a non-scary e coli)

c) non-organic beef farmers feed their cows grain, which results in the scary infectious e coli (because the cows' guts are more acidic.)

d) non-organic spinach farmers not only spread the scary cow shit on their fields, they don't compost it (they let it collect in huge stinking "lagoons")

e) non-organic farms don't always provide portajohns for their (underpaid, illegal immigrant) workers, so those dudes have to shit in the fields, which is where the human shit comes from

So leave the poor hippies alone, eh?


I used to live in Oakland, but in North Oakland which is right near Berkeley.
I used to hang out in my good friend's apartment a lot, and it was a big apartment that she had all to herself. Only thing was she let the "hip" street kids that lived on Telegraph stay at her place a lot because she was really into this one guy (who, by the way, had rich parents that lived in San Francisco.
They never paid any rent, NEVER EVER cleaned up, NEVER showered or brushed their teeth (there was a guy who literally had not brushed in 2 years), and complained about everything. And they were absolute pricks about food choice, political opinions, and that sort of stuff. And they never left, and they just brought back more and more people to stay over without asking or paying or cleaning.
In fact one time a bunch of these hippie street kids walked up to another female friend of mine (who actually made herown clothes, was totally financially dependant, and made all her own meals) and asked her if she wanted to be a part of this new commune that they were going to start in Santa Cruz. They said "Yeah it'll be great! You can be the one who cooks, cleans, and washs/makes all of our clothes!"

My friend with the apartment was absolutely in love with this guy even though he treated her horribly and we had to have a group intervention to kick everyone out. Thankfully hippies are spineless "pacifists," so it wasn't too hard.

Hippies are a subject near and dear to my heart. They're are just mindless blow-hards who never got over the high school angsty "hating your parents" phase who want the street-cred of being "pure and natural and peaceful and independent" but don't want to do the work. I can see how they can fuck something as simple as apple juice. Horrible horrible naive bunch. Thank Christ they're all huddled together in Northern California where they just complain to each other all day about Americana so that no one has to hear them whine except for the few that decide to go their for college.


Not to further pick nits, but in response to jayKayEss (who covered most of my points): the primary spinach producer involved in the current e.coli outbreak is actually Natural Selection Foods, aka Earthbound Farms, aka the largest producer of Organic leafy vegetables in the country.
I read an op-ed somewhere recently, probably the Times, which suggested that the most likely source for e.coli O157:H7 (the really-bad kind, which as you said, grows primarily in the too-acidic guts of the factory-farmed grain-fed cows) on the spinach was probably contaminated irrigation water that had flowed downstream from a feedlot or factory farm's animal waste lagoon. Ahh, here it is.


That Michael Pollen fellow did a good piece on this story on On The Media

This post might have well been called Greasy Kid Stuff too!

jeremy fu*k

let's not all fall for the fallacy of hasty generalizations at once, okay?


My favorite Abbie Hoffman quote(to David Frost)..........
"Who are you calling a hippie?.....I'm not a hippie....hippies are FAGS!"


what we really need is powdered avocado to be applied to ones own choice of snackies. all veggies should be sold in this form.

Listener Paul

I've been told that hippies are harmless (as opposed to say racist skinheads) but I still find them rather annoying. I think it's the way the hippies have made passive-aggressive into a lifestyle choice.

Listener Mike D.

17 minutes into your first show back...holy shit is it good to hear from you again. Tales of marijuana and PCP fueled boxer wearing mayhem! Yes!


Whatever happened to Doritos' unfortunately named Texas Tang? Did the Bush twins complain?

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