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October 19, 2006


Pete Best

The original title of "Helter Skelter" was "Heather Leather."


Kind of a stupid post, no? His hand does look like the baby in Eraserhead, but still...


Hey Ringo. I'm sorry you weren't amused, Ringo. Thanks for taking the time to let us know how stupid you found the post. Ringo.

Astrid Kirchherr

Paulie's hand does suggest that he might have been dead when Abbey Road was released & all subsequent albums were posthumous efforts. I'm glad WFMU DJs never think about this stuff.


Somewhere on the ninth plane of nirvana, George Harrison is chuckling to himself "Serves Paul right..."

Krys O.

Ageism doesn't become you.

joe nathan

kind of an effete comment in response to a post, no? by effete, i mean the second definition from merriam-webster, ringo. k, ringo?

Mike Lupica

Hmmm, no one seemed to mind when I pointed out Iggy's wrinkles a while back. [link].

George Hamilton

It's not age wrinkles, it's too many days in the sun at St. Tropez.

Magic Alex

I don't quite get the joke: that a 64 year old man has wrinkly hands?

Krys O.

Well, Mike, to be fair, Iggy's always had creases on his face. Deep, gouged out crevasses are a part of his look.


He can put his wrinkly hands on me any old time. Paul McCartney remains smokin' hot.


This is why we love you, Scott. Just two weeks before, I had seen McCartney at some charity function on TV and I was freaked out by how wrinkley his hands were. Much more wrinkley than the picture you show, in fact. I even mentioned it to my wife and some friends. It really disturbed me; as I get older I worry and stress about wrinkles and jowls and other sagging and drooping discolored parts of my aged body, but Please Please God Don't Make My Hands Like Pauls' !!


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