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October 17, 2006



hi, the link to part 8 ist broken...

Ergo Phizmiz

This is wonderful, cheers for posting this ....

Station Manager Ken

I fixed that broken link.

Great post John!


Thanks. It was great to see the E.L.O. version. It just so happens that I recently dug out and listened to (after about 25 years) "On The Third Day," "Face The Music" "E.L.O. II," "Eldorado" and even "No Answer." There's GREAT stuff on these albums!

Uncle Bela

Great stuff!...The only one missing that
would make it perfect is the version by
Sounds, Incorporated, a mid-'60's British
instrumental group; they initially made their
reputation backing up visiting American singers
like Little Richard...and they played it on

WFMU rawks.


How about Half Japanese's "In the Hall of the Mountain King/Louie Louie" medley from Our Solar System?


There is an absolutely fantastic version on Duke Ellington's absolutely fantastic album "Three Suites" (Nutcracker, Peer Gynt, Suite Thursday). Did I mention that this album is fantastic?


Oops, you already posted the Duke Ellington version. Next time I promise to read the post first before I comment... Still, the whole album is great.

Dale Hazelton

Love the theme see the movie -- Fritz Lang's "M", that is. Peter Lorre is creepier than John Mark Carr as he whistles that theme while picking up little girls to murder. There was also a scene in Renoir's "Rules of the Game" where characters were dancing around in skeleton jumpsuits and I thought that was the music. Haven't seen it in 25 years -- maybe someone knows. Now excuse me while I go look up "pentahedron."


i'm surprised to see the SRC version on here! it was popular locally in southern indiana when i was a kid in the mid 60s. a local band even did a cover of the "...mountain king" in its gigs!


There is also an inspired version on the album "Mucho Macho: Machito & His Afro-Cuban Salseros" by Machito.

The title, "Hall Of The Mambo King", says it all really.

John - kan sikkert sende deg en mp3 dersom du er interessert.

Tore Stemland

Great version by The Mysterons is found here;
For those who want to know more about classical music in pop click into this one; When you have done that, then scroll down to 1961 and listen to the sample of “In The Hall Of The Mountain King” by Nero and the Gladiators, it`s great.


Hawkwind LP 'the hall of the mountain grill' with lemmy from motorhead


there should be a Tomita version. or am i wrong?

John from Oslo

Oh dear. I certainly missed a few of the big ones ; )
Keep 'em coming, and I'll make a part two on the theme.
So, We'll have to find; Sounds Incorporated, Half Japanese, Machito, Mysterons, Hawkwind, Nero and the Gladiators - and Tomita (Ah, of course, Tomita...)Strange that Spike Jones doesn't have one. He did the Nutcracker Suite (as did Les Brown - a great version!)

And that pentahedron remark - it is just badly translated by me, and it doesn't even make much sense in Norwegian. [Det sies om Grieg at han kan være firkantet inntil det femkantede.]Roughly; It is said about Grieg, that he can be a "four angle" bordering to five. I guess it means that is not hip to be square, and even less hip to be a pentahedron (sic). Although, being something more elaborate geometrywise than a square, must be a positive thing, not? As, being less conventional and conservative... Oh crap, I'll be dipped in cowdung...

E Ploetz

There's a sort of cool version by Funk United out of Toronto. Want me to e-mail you a copy?

Just finished listening to the techno version ... it's wonderful in a godawful kind of way.



...not to forget Witchfynde's Cry Wolf, from the 1983 album Cloak And Dagger.


There is also a great version by the Portsmouth Sinfonia, but they "adamantly" don't want any of their stuff distributed as MP3 (even though it is long out of print, but that's what their manager told me, announcing a big CD re-relase which is probably never going to happen).


It seems strange to not include Savatage's "Hall Of The Mountain King" from the album of the same name...


MC Chris, the Dauphin of nerdcore rap, the Dungeonmaster of Ceremonies, has just posted a song to the tune of Peer Gynt on his MySpace page. What timing.


Here's a somewhat campier (or at least more odious) version from the album Musical MAD, put out by MAD Magazine and RCA.

Concerto For Two Hands mp3

I just heard this the other day, from a post (with more mp3s as well) over at Record Robot, so it jumped right to mind.

Kirk D.

I love this post!

Lawrence Welk did an astonishing version of "Mountain King." I uploaded it here.


Zoobilee Zoo - Peer Gynt

spotted this on the 'ol youtube


re techno - this version has to be the daddy of them all - DJ Scotch Egg's Scotch Forest. Couldn't find an mp3 of the original but it's the first track (of 4 I think) in this youarehear podcast


Shouldn't Paul McCartney's "Live and Let Die" be included in the Inspired section?

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