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October 19, 2006


b. brown

Man, Mungo Jerry had some pretty alright stuff. "Motherfucker Boogie" I think is the one that got them 'banned' from a few stores when the album with that track came out. Too lewd! Well, that's probably an exaggerated rumor, either way.

Seals and Crofts is a 'dad's record collection' dollar-style band I can't seem to not find in the used stores.


Wouldn't you know it, the new Supertramp greatest hits disc is entitled "Retrospectacle."

Or was that "Shit Sandwich"?


I once tried posting this on Art Garfunkel's guestbook, but it was gone within 24 hours.


Oh man, Gentle Giant. I was in the last stages of my pre-punk prog rock phase. I saw them twice, used to play the "Freehand" album at top volume whenever I could get away with it. Yeah, I know, I'll stay in my yard.

An  Ancient DJ

I count 16 for meeself, probably repressing a few others. But I'd be proud if I could I claim I played 'em all, not saying that it's a worthwhile goal - maybe it is. I'm upfront about The Fudge's versions of "Shotgun" & "One Velvet Morning" - masterpieces.

Listener Paul

Oh, man, between my wife and myself, we own too many of these.

Last year, Eddie Money played at a local music festival. I didn't go.


Thanks for this, Mike! It reminds me of stumbling on Loverboy's MySpace profile and seeing with some schadenfreude that they had at most 200 friends. Then I found all the cheese-metal rockers on MySpace, too. Try it! You can delightedly waste hours this way.

Mike Lupica

Just discovered a totally bizarre MP3 on Bob Welch's site.. A cover of "Hot for Teacher" that mentions bling bling and aliens. There's also a banner ad for something called "The Disclosure Project" that demands the release of "supressed technology" and learning the truth about aliens and ufos.

Mike Lupica

Also, when I was in London a year or two ago, there were massive billboards everywhere touting the reunion of Wet Wet Wet like it was the second coming of Jesus. Seriously. The sense of excitement on the street was palpable.

i, squub

Why the hell did I have to come here? My head hurts.


My ears, they burn! But I confess, I owned a few. Best Spinal Tap moment yet was browsing the Foghat message board, here:

Ignite your lighters and read on. Foghat. Yes, Foghat.


Stark Effect

When I was in college back in the late 80's, I worked with some of my fraternity brothers at a Six Flags amusement park for one day just to make some scratch, and Eddie Money performed. The park personnel enlisted some of us to help unload their gear, and since I'm fairly tall, I got to stand at the front of the stage and act as security during the concert.

There were a gaggle of young-ish girls with big green dollar signs painted on their cheeks, going absolutely apeshit.. for Eddie Money!

Years later, I read that Money was deep into heroin at the time. Also, troubled genius musician Kevin Gilbert played keyboards on that tour, though obviously I hadn't heard of him yet. I also saw my first real sampler, which was loaded with Ronnie Spector's background vocals on "Take Me Home Tonight".

Ah, memories.

Gregg Lopez

Where's "The First Family"? That is in every damn thrift store in the world.

Steve Taylor

Pretty good, but you missed the jackpot: Toyah Wilcox, famous for approximately 25 seconds, sometime in the 80s:

Also, no fair picking on 3 Dog Night! My big sister had their records, and I grew up on them. Sniffle...


Despite his apparently progressive politics Joe Dolce will always be the "Shadap You Face!" guy to me.


O.K. just one more before I sign myself into blog comment rehab.
The Thor website contains information on his career and recent comeback:

Bob DuCharme

After narrowly missing a Rick Derringer show while vacationing on Cape May, I looked at, and it was the first formerly famous rockstar site that I noticed with what became a recurring theme on these sites: "He's working on a new album, and those who've heard early mixes say it's right up there with his best stuff ever!"


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