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October 09, 2006



had a lot of fun in the late eighties wearing my negativeland ''christianity is stupid-give up'' t-shirt. it got people mad! good times.


I stuck the CAR BOMB bumper sticker that came with the Escape From Noise LP on a surplus ammunition can back in college. At the time, I used the can to store correspondence and CDs. Now I'm afraid to leave the house with it!


Great post! I love the U2 single


i had a bunch of tire jockeys refuse to replace a flat because of my car bomb sticker (reagan era; think 'marine barracks + lebanon'). and the xianity tee STILL makes em mad... wore mine just the other week.

almost as good as alexa's 'jesus hates me' shirt fer startin' fights.......


Negativland sucks! I could reduce their mediocre to good works down to one CD. Why do we have to sift through so many releases just to get to the few golden moments.


sally's an I D I O T 1..2.stupid..3..4..dumb


Is that Maria Levitsky who was in the audience ? It sure sounds just like her.

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