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October 09, 2006


Mark Allen

The Pamela Des Barres "I'm With The Band" audio book!!!! ALL OF IT!!! It's going right in the books-on-tape file in my iPod, right next to William F. Nolan reading "Logan's Run" and Dolly Parton reading her "Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business." My next bus ride will turn into a bliss ride.

This comment has nothing to do with groupies.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been wanting to hear those GTO's albums ever since I was scared almost to death by hearing an excerpt when I was about 14. And to have the rest is pure unadulterated lagniappe.

But let's not neglect Momus's infamous phallic frolic from his album, Folktronic, "The Penis Song," which includes these lyrics, based on his personal experience:

"Cynthia Plaster Caster once took my cast and showed me
In a penis exhibition in a gallery on Broadway
So many people saw my penis in its glass case
They recognise my penis now before my face... "


FRANK ZAPPA seemed to have a penchant and inborn talent for penning clever odes to groupies.

Three more of his "groupie songs" desperately need to be included...

1)  Crew Slut - from Joe's Garage
2)  Road Ladies - from Chunga's Revenge
3)  Mud Shark - from Mothers LIVE Fillmore East '71


fatty jubbo

I believe Frank Zappa was one of the few people who didn't let Cynthia Plaster Caster cast his member.

Speaking of Frank Zappa- does "Jazz Discharge Party Hats" count as a groupie song?


Aww, you shouldda posted the Backstage Pass song, "Legend", located on Rhino's Saturday Night Pogo lp, and covered by Redd Kross in the Desperate Teenage Runaways film. Wait they changed that to Desperate Teenage Lovedolls.


Awesome bunch of mp3s. Hopefully, Pamela (and friends) will get me through my upcoming slog of a commute. Thanks, WFMU!


Do not forget "Easy Meat" as another Groupie song.

Hell's Donut House

What, no "Plaster Caster Blues Band" ( Actually that's just as well, even Cynthia doesn't like that record; the best thing is the song titles (which, sadly, are all just run-of-the-mill instrumentals). And yes, that's true about Frank Zappa never having been casted, even though he was Cynthia's benefactor -- the full story is in the documentary Plaster Caster...


Sanders Truckstop is downloadable from, including Plaster Song


Thanks so much for this. Everyone I've pointed toward this has loved the songs. The LP just went for $180 or something on ebay.


thank you!!i love gto's music!
thank you!thank you!thank you!

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