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October 29, 2006



I'm scared to ask: what was number one?

Jonathan Steinke

Disturbing is RIGHT. And I'm not talking about her facial expression.

fatty Jubbo

who the fuck is that?! that's pretty spectacular!

Listener James from Westwood

Jessica Simpson, I believe. Her chin alarms me. She has a man-chin.

Krys O.

Isn't this an example of animal cruelty? Just like the wires they used with "talking horses" Francis the Mule and Mr. Ed. Damn shame, Wilbur.


if you dont stop blowing all those entertainment executives , your face is gonna stay like that forever! whoops , too late.


Decidely creepy and hilarious at the same time.


We should replace the Statue of Liberty with that. It's a much better representation of what America is all about.


Looks like she overdosed on Botox, poor woman...


Hold on! What Jamie Foxx's famous character in In Living Color?

Sorry, I'm late.


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