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October 13, 2006



i HAD this record as a kid! thanks so much for posting it!

wow. the memories.


This is awesome and so are you.


I had the Man-Thing one. Creepy story about a clown who shoots himself. Then the clown's ghost comes back and gets WTFPWND by Man-thing. I'm kidding: Man-Thing actually sucked and didn't do anything but I think there was some drinking involved in the story too. You could sell crap like this to kids in the 70's.

Old and Fat and Smelly

I had this too, and it's great! There were also Planet of the Apes (movies and TV versions) and Frankenstein. Makes me miss my old record player from Korvettes.


Ooooh... I've got Man-Thing, and it IS creepy with that suicidal clown ghost! Very heavy shit for kids, no? And I've got Dracula, too. Maybe will post them too at some point. Wish I could get my hands on the Frankenstein one. He was my favorite monster. Thank you, Jason! WWW!!!

The Contrarian

I had this record & book too. I also believe that Power Records released a "Swamp Thing" set as well.


I still have this record. Very beat up, but it plays and doesn't skip.

"No, mom, I guess I'm not very hungry. I'll just rest in my room today and think".

"Neither can win - but neither will lose!"

Very sampleworthy.


Yes, my parents bought this stuff for me as well...what was wrong with our parents!? "Werewolf By Night" was one of my favorite Marvel titles as a kid in the '70's. I used to think how cool it would be to be a werewolf. Crazy kid. Great nostalgia trip. Alas, I long ago lost track of my "Book and Record" collection. Thanks for posting this.


do you know where I can access the pdf of the curse of the werewolf
comic portion that comes with the sound recording?


I actually di sample this record (which I LOVED as a kid) on my 2003 solo album:

"...Then sleep tightly, dark beast, for you shall never wake again!"

Killer every time.


btw, someone put this on Youtube and did a killer job. rock.


I listened to this as a kid in the mid 70's. Amazing how I remember nearly every word ...

Gerald W. Sapatka Jr.

I just found a copy of the Curse of the Werewolf and it had the wrong record in it! AAAGGGGHH!!!

Thank you so much for having this online for all to enjoy!

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