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October 20, 2006


Night of the Eve of the Living New Old FMU Message Board

Don't tell RadMan.


I love how the narrator keeps calling ME "Man Thing". It's So far my favorite line is: "All you can do through hazy, crimson eyes is stare at the little clown's corpse"

Okay, "We can go Clarabelle hunting tomorrow" is pretty good, so is "I'm trying to keep my clown from destroying himself".

Oh Jeez, this is just completely filled with great lines.

Psychatrone Rhonedakk

God! Someone else still has a copy of this?!

I bought this when it came out....that laugh still haunts me......


i recommend the GI JOE records from the 70's. hulk and six million dollar man r guud tuu. how about ''i want to marry my mom'' by misterogers. that's a creepy one. thanks folks!


MANNY!! I loved Man-Thing. Thanks for posting this! I have every single Man Thing title, even his guest appearances in other Marvel books. I was a weird kid, thanks in part to my mom buying me this twisted fare. The' 70's...wonderful time for comics...and "Book and Record Sets".

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