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October 03, 2006


It ain't moi (yes it is)

Your KHJ "Superstar Week" find 'tis a groove indeed as is this bloggin'.

The girl suggestin' to Johnny that they get married was most amusin'.
Johnny's "Big Ben" adlibbed ad, too funny.

Moi also was a HUGE fan of Napster and believe it was destroy, much the same as, simply to keep indies (Information in general) from competing with, and sometimes whoppin', pros in the Total Plays ( only).


You asked: Why would John Lennon's death make you think of "Hey Jude"?

From Wikipedia: The song, originally titled "Hey Jules", was written by McCartney to comfort John Lennon's son Julian when John Lennon and his first wife, Cynthia Powell, were divorced.

Seems reasonable to me that someone thinking about John Lennon's death might think about his children and how they are being affected. They might want to play this song to 'comfort' the listeners in a similar way.

P. McCartney

Don't make Hey Jude any less a piece of shite, my friend.

I regret everything I've done. You should stop listening to my music.


my friends and I took the subway up to the dakota that nite-
hey jude was being sung there at"ground 0"
I guess it was ok since yoko wasn't involved-
hey jude didn't make it to central park vigil,tho-


I have WLIR's coverage as it happened on tape. Still is incredibly powerful. Also have much coverage after that. (Some edited, some un)

Speaking of dial tuning, I have a few cases where two stations are playing the same songs and I switch back and forth between them. I also have some dial tunings from various eras of NYC and New Orleans which I used to be able to identify most of the stations from. Not today though.




A mp3 copy of NY radio on the night John Lennon died was posted a while ago on alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.beatles. There was also a mp3 of Los Angeles radio on the night Lennon died. I wonder about the origins of the LA scan.

Mela Alexian

Thank you for this. I've got airchecks I made that night, in which I deliberately included weather reports and a couple of commercials and PSAs. I did it to give the recording a feeling of history in context. It could help with establishing authenticity. It occurs to me that one can compare with others' airchecks from the same night, as I did when someone sent me a half-hour recording of Dan Ingram between 1:30 and 2:30 that morning, of which I had only about ten minutes.

An English writer once said that no police officer would have called Chapman a "wacko", but in fact according to my tapes this word was repeated on WABC radio news -- "Chapman has been described by one officer as a wacko. Flatly." WABC's Gus Chapman summarized what he'd learned from police chief Sullivan, giving Chapman's full name, home address, and many other details that would never be allowed on the air today and shouldn't have been allowed then, except that the usual rules of reality didn't seem to apply that night.

The eeriest recording I have comes from a very quiet tribute on WJR. "Come Together" is played, and goes into an extremely long fade into adjacent channels, most of which are not playing Lennon or Beatles tunes (in fact, one of them's playing the original song which became the "All Things Considered" theme), until Lennon fades completely into the aether.

You're welcome to all of these if you want them.

Ed Tyll did a Lennon special in 1990 on WLUP which included airchecks from Chicago stations from that night and a longer interview with the paramedic who tried to save Lennon. One of the people who called in talked about the way-too-much-Paul phenomenon. He said "I got into a taxi that night and the radio was playing in the cab and it said 'Here's to John Lennon' -- and then they played Yesterday."

John Atwell

John Lennon is no martyr. He's not interesting. Best I can say is he was funny sometimes. To me it was obvious he wasn't half the musician that Paul McCartney was. His Imagine Peace stuff is merely naive. Come on guys, his politics were ridiculous! He didn't deserve to be shot to death, but neither do I.


he was a hippie thank god he died. i dont care about him. he can go to hell


Hippies get exactly what they deserve. "No War" you get shot in the head, you worthless pile of shi(t). Fuc(k) you you worthless hippy scum of the Earth. Look at that, "bigger than Jesus" and guess what? You didn't rise on the 3rd day did you. Thank God for that, cause then we'd have to listen to more "Wahh, the world isn't the way I want it" nonsense.


It's a fake, the voice on the radio seems to clear to be a vintage radio. That sounds is what has been reached latelly with audio technology and recent developments in comunications. On Lennon's times, the radio wouldn't sound so well... besides, why would they have The Beatles in every station at the same time, non-sense. It is very easy to fake these things nowadays.

I do believe he is alive thoug....


Too many Vitriol drinking trolls out on the internet nowadays...


I'm a little shocked, I just stumbled across this site tonight, and realized I wasn't the only one who dial scanned the radio in the NYC metro region on December 8, 1980. A friend and I left the Tic Toc Diner that evening, put on the radio ,and the event just happened as we drove home. I remember it was a balmy evening, probably over 75 degrees. strange for NJ in December. Five minutes later, i had the cassette recorder going , so i could play it back, and gather all the details. not realizing what i was actually capturing in the process. history. I believe i have an hour of recording somewhere in this house.


I will be transferring the casstte version on to CD.


John Lennon faked his own death. Why? For the money. I believe he faked hit using movie set play out. SO the beatles could
rake in the dough forever more. Thats why. He had the means and genius to do it and set it up. Perhaps the govs did it for him. The aftermath was too fast. Thus
the dead giveaway of it all. Good one John! I applaud and commend you on that one!!! Good show ole chap er chapman I should say. ha ha ha!!! LOL!!!


And action. Ok out of the limo and pow pow pow pow pow, the blanks are fired, the
planted blood packs go off in Johns shirt and stagger into witness and read line I have been shot. And getaway fake cop car comes up pix up actor John and away he goes for ever off to la la land on a private jet and prearranged body double is planted and cremated. Done. Fin. Now thats how it really happened. John you are a genius!!! Man!!!

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