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October 12, 2006



Holy crap, is that bad!
What's up with his bizarre cadence? Is he perhaps an autistic person? He's just begging to be beat-matched with something clever and ironic - if possible. Le the remix projects begin!
Simply amazing.

Fatty Jubbo


it's like he's spewing his delivery to a metronome in a Shaggs-like deadpan!


He sorta sounds like Fat Tony from The Simpsons.

If you know what I MEAN!!!


I wonder if he's reading from a script? It sounds like he's declaiming some epic poem or something.

That persistent woman's laugh in the background reminds me vaguely of Snoopy's laughter from the Peanuts cartoons...

Andrew Tonkin

Well, this might be considered an ego record from a third-rate Catskills comedian... but for the production. It's surreal.

During the entire intro, there's a LIVE-AID sized stadium crowd whooping and cheering - I had no idea he was such a draw! As Unkie starts in with his "material," the rimshot drumming and laughter continue unabated regardless of what he's saying, as if his audience and accompanist aren't even listening. Perhaps they're all watching a drunk patron staggering to his seat and wetting himself. Har!


I bet he was better live. Comedians are funnnier in person. That probably explains all the laughter, you just can't appreciate it corrrectly coming out of disposable computer speakers. His stage presence must be what is filling the gap between our response and the response of the live audience. I mean, look at the apron anyone could wear a buthcer's apron but it takes an actual butcher to fill it out. Not Having been there clearly we will never know. But c'mon it's universal in its appeal, anyone with a nephew who likes girls can easily put himself behind that apron and see the world through the spectacles of a butcher, a world full of laughter.


I really love the sound effects on this. Gongs, car wrecks...if you're using a sound effects record for the laughter, why not use some of the other tracks too?

b-more stoner

i don't know ken, i gotta say - i just got stoned and opened the "side 1" mp3 from this post and damn near fell off the computer chair laughing.

daveB from Oakland CA

Oh my god. Somebody tell me if this is "real" or not. At this point I'm not even sure what I might be referring to when I use the word "real". Unkie Dunkie has turned my world upside down. Was this album recorded in the 1970s? I heard a snippet of "Free Ride" towards the beginning of side One. Edgar Winter. Does Unkie Dunkie really talk like that? And if it's an actor ... did an actor acutally DO THAT for forty-five minutes? That would be astounding enough in itself ... Somebody tell me what's going on, this is freaking me out ...

Webster Hubble Telescope

"Comic sensation of the nation"?

"Free-form station of the nation"?

Coincidence? You decide.


Good lord. I've just been listening to this in my car, and I half feel like it must be some sort of elaborate conceptual art. Where did you find this thing?


Wow. A mix of Jackie Gleason, Redd Foxx and Neil Hamburger. I believe!

Station Manager Ken

Unkie owned a butcher shop here in Jersey City, and there were a few dozen copies of this LP floating around back in the late 80's / early 90s. I can assure you, he's for real.



Wow. Listening to this, I can't help but picture Rupert Pupkin talking to his imaginary audience in The King of Comedy. DeNiro studied Richard Belzer for his delivery style, but maybe Scorsese had a little taste of this for inspiration? Or screenwriter Paul Zimmerman - he did live in Jersey after all.

Truly some of the worst jokes iv ever heard, you couldnt think up unfunnier shit wow


This is great, Unkie Dunkie is the best medicine I've had in ages. He sounds like a drunk John Wayne.

Professor nono

no. "Fart Proudly" was the worst comedy album of all time.

Craig Daniels

Pretty brutal..I couldn't make it all the way through the first just might be the worst of all time. Unkie's obsession with Mortimer and his girlfriend borders on the creepy.


When was this recorded? It sounds like he has a huge audience, but I never heard of him.


Wait, that isn't a real audience is it?


For optimum effect play over Bergman's "Cries & Whispers".


This is what madness sounds like.

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