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November 15, 2006


joe nathan

go, go, c mac--you just posted a favorite!

people like uri geller disgust me. they genuinely don't believe themselves to have any shortcomings or weaknesses. the delusions of grandeur they carry are worse than any psychiatric patient. and how stupid did geller have to be to believe he could've gotten one past johnny carson even if james randi HADN'T been on the show? boggles the mind.


i spent a buncha quality time with Charles Gayle. he can hear your thoughts as they happen, and say them to you as they form. [a bit disconcerting at first, but done with purity, so as to put you at ease...... wow! ]. he imparted much wisdom, and i am grateful. i assume many older improv musicians get that way, but Charles is somethin else! what a great man. .........yeah, forget uri. real psychics play instruments. the other stuff comes in through honesty, and the ability/desire to keep listening/seeing/hearing etcetera. and thus, in the self referential inference of platitude meandering.............................

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