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November 18, 2006



Nice montageā€”I'm laughin' pretty hard here...


HAHAHA! There is no emoticon to describe how much my stomach is hurting right now.

fatty jubbo

wow. the top two look like they are in an OCD loop they can't get out of. The ultimate Warrior looks like a big vibrating blowdryer. watching the top two together is hynotizing until I choke on my coffee.

The Good Reverend Doctor

the bananahead guy looks an awful lot like Freddy Mercury.

Spike Genalo

Love seeing Freddie in amongst that gallery of greats.


our four year old is mesmerized.
He says the top two gifs are "a doctor and a monster" hmmmm....

Krys O.

That IS Freddie Mercury and it's from the video for the Queen song "I'm Going Slightly Mad" from 1991's Innuendo. A fabulous song from a great last hurrah.


Fascinating stuff. Squeamish? Bah. I read it while I was eating breakfast

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Very funny! Yes, that is Freddy.


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Can't stop looking at the banana gif... what the...

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