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November 27, 2006



I too have more memories of the Columb Circle store than anyone here would care to read, having gone to school near there, and I didn't know that they were in trouble. I will have to make sure I do a major chunk of Christmas shopping there. Many thanks to Miss Bron for bringing this to my attention.

Neal Burgess

I've never been to NY, but I can sympathize with the loss of some great book stores here in Calgary. They seem to be eaten up by the Chapters/Indigo/Coles monster (not sure if that chain is in the states to, but it's like a plague here). Support your local bookstores people.

Brad Mosher

This is sad news indeed. Shelves full of books purchased at the Coliseum location in Columbus Circle came with me when I moved to Portland, OR. I'll be sure to continue to support my local bookstores to show solidarity. I hope those of you who can make it to Coliseum during the holiday season will take a deep breath of that Coliseum scent for me. Good luck, Coliseum staff! Thanks for many years of patient assistance.

Dale Hazelton

I spent many a lunch hour at Coliseum back in the late 80s. They had a great art and architecture section. And don't forget the Strand downtown! Amazing out of print stuff. In an area where real estate is probaby starting to go through the roof, this amazing resource shouldn't get swallowed up. too! Barnes & Noble = Evil.


I've been going there every day (M-F) since they opened on 42nd St. to have coffee and read the Big Pack o Lies (as you would say), and then proceed to work... um, well, you know where. Anyway, it's breaking my heart to go by. I cleaned out their Dover clip art books. I might have to clean out some other sections in there too. Now I am suffering daily at Pret, and where the tables are TOO small to handle the Big Pack o Lies. They have a need to spray those wee tables down every three minutes, so you have to WATCH OUT when they come by to do that. I might have to go around the corner and test the Moonie joint. Damn.

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