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November 15, 2006



Wow, thanks! Now I have a motivation for replacing the video card on my "new" computer.


Thanks for sharing this, Brian...makes up nicely for Scott's cruel April Fool's joke, which I obviously still haven't forgotten.


Wow! This time it's not a joke!

Norton Zenger

Out of curiosity, is this from the earlier "Kraut Und Ruben" documentary or the two-night "Deutschrocknacht" special? (I've seen tracklistings for the latter that don't mention a thing about Faust, is why I'm wondering.)


It's from the 6 hr Kraut Ruben.


Thanks Brian!
Saw Faust twice this year; they're still amazing! Last concert i had the honor and pleasure shaking hands with Mr. Peron.


Thanks much for the Album. I remember my first really definitive experience in Krautrock appreciation was back in 1990, when WMPG in Portland, Maine played Track 1 of this very album. I have searched for years to find that particular song, and give great thanks to WFMU for making it available

cor roorda

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Marcos D'Cruze


I would like to congratulate on their full wonderful and giving blog/site.
I am a huge Lust Faust fan, so much so I posted Mix Tapes in a proper Lust Faust fashion from my bands MySpace page for a year.

Best wishes to all that hear them.



Thanks for this! I'm confused as all hell, though... how come you give different track names - and even different number of tracks, with different playing times - compared to the info given at the link you provided?


Just superb man, just superb! Thank you.

Andy Wilson

When the Virgin promo cassette for Faust V was first discovered it was released onto the net as a single continuous file (OK, maybe two files) and people seem to have downloaded it, split it into separate tracks and named them as they saw fit. However, unless someone was given these track titles by a member of Faust it is unlikely that they are correctly named (many tracks saw release anyway on the ReR albums 71 Minutes, Munic & Elsewhere & The Last LP, so the listing below uses the names of the tracks from those albums.) The best account of what's on the tape is on the faust pages site here:

The track listing there is as follows;

* Munic / Yesterday ** (10.53)
(aka Munic A)
Edit of the version on 71 Mins
* Party 9 (10.22)
* 360° ** (3.38)
* Party 10 (2.01)
This version appears to be an editing together of two mixes of a single recording
* Munic Party ** (1.40)
* Munic Untitled ** (6.42)
* Knochentanz ** (11.46)
(aka Munic B, Munic Other)

This book also contains crucial information about the band at that time, and you would be mad not to buy a copy:

dogfood divas

you have anything by Jaust, the medieval krautrock band?

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