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November 19, 2006


Stark Effect

Background, yes! For a while there, was a fertile ground for finding outsider music-- listen to the archives of "Incorrect Music" around the spring of 2000 and you'll hear some tracks that I submitted to Irwin and Michelle. Another great find was Wayne and Liz, but there was also Cyrus Sullivan, Girls With Attitude, Solak, Fred Langer's "You're the Sweetest Little Fetus"... oh so many treasures...

mr projectile fan was the shiite circa '00!

especially for undiscovered electronic music producers, one guy i found out about was matt arnold of minneapolis who went by the moniker mr projectile, his tracks were downloaded something like 45k+ times ... several of which went on to be found on his proper label releases/ good stuff! clicky idm with a strong sense of melody, woot! users at soulseek still have those tracks shared six, seven years on if you care to dig them up for yourself/ mp3.con = solid!


Also, you could make some loot from it during the pre-burst bubble halcyon days.
A person I know made otherwise normal trance/house music that would occasionally yield small, sub-dollar checks (this was pre-paypal) for downloads that month. It was assumed that down loaders went past lots of advertisements so some of the revenues for ads went back to artists whose music was downloaded. One day he was shocked to have recieved a check for five thousand dollars. It turned out that month they'd been promoting his sub-genre of music and had thousands of downloads. But soon, the rate that payed out diminished and eventually vanished. He did get his music on some watch manufacturer's CD compilation though.

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