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November 25, 2006



I was having 'corporate food' one day (Ruby Tuesdays), and they must have had the same Satellite Classic Rock station on, because they played the long version of "Time Will Come Today" also, which visibly freaked out many people. They then followed it up with the Velvet Undergrounds' "Heroin" no shit...I was laughing my ass off...people were HATING it...a funny moment...

Stephen Hocking

Only 6:25 but a genuine pop hit, at least in Australia, "Radar Love" by Golden Earring.

Peter Farris

I have to add Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone, at only 6:09, because it was the first single of that length to gain extensive commercial radio airplay.

Then there's the Righteous Brothers' You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling (1965). The song was 3:50, but Phil Spector had the labels printed to read 3:05, because there was no way it would have been added to radio playlists at close to four minutes.

Stephen Hocking

I have to add "Evie" Parts 1,2 & 3, by Stevie Wright, which at 11:00 mins is, according to Wikipedia, the longest song ever to chart at number one, which it did in Australia in 1974. So there.


Sugarloaf "green eyed lady" 6:49


CCR, "Keep on Chooglin'" (13:33), side 4 of "Live in Europe"


"The Court of the Crimson King" by King Crimson clocks in at a painful 9:21
Note on Warpigs- whenever the bar my friend hung out at was crowded he would always put that song (twice in a row)on the jukebox and then we would just wait for the seats to open up.


Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see The Doors' "Light My Fire" listed above which, at 7:05, qualifies as a pop song over 7 minutes.

Bill Walker

Didn't see Creedence's version of "Heard It Through the Grapevine," at 11:06. As Dave Marsh (I think) wrote, "more intense than any 10 minutes of the Grateful Dead."

fred g sanford

During the heyday of Josph Stalin's time at the helm i the soviet union,
there were speeches put to L.P.
One of them was a 2 record set,
and side four consisted solely of the applause.
I like to think of that as an early prototype of the
Metal Machine Music/long song thing.


Low Spark of High Heeled Boys by Traffic

Bill Toman

Followup on Rare Earth, ''Get Ready'' 21:30

1969 cover of Temptations 1966 original. Heard this yesterday on XM Radio (Ch. 40, Deep Tracks) for the first time in ages. Awesome.

I'll *briefly* leave the 21 MB MP3 of it up for you to hear. Just click on the hyperlink "Bill Toman".

Bill Toman

Allman Bros. Band - ''Mountain Jam'', 33:40

From the June 27, 1971 Fillmore East concert captured on the ''Eat a Peach'' album.

Bruce Mackinnon

I am surprised no one has listed the great Jethro Tull's "Thick as a Brick" comming in at a wonderful 43:28.

Everyone loves jethro tull!

Al Prindle

Here are a few more...
Funeral For a Friend (love lies bleeding) - Elton John - 11:08
Stranglehold - Ted Nuggent - 8:23
I'll Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) - Meatloaf - 7:41
Paradise City - Guns N' Roses - 7:21
One Bourban, One Scotch, One Beer - George Thorogood & The Destroyers - 8:30
And while not quite at the seven minute mark, a favorite of mine - Dazed & Confused - Led Zeppelin - 6:27


Beatles Side one on Abbey road,Last track-
I WANT YOU (SHE SO HEAVY) clocking in at 7:49
also if you call this a song, but a track on the Beatles White
Album- Side 4 REVOLUTION NO 9 clocking in at 8:15

Joe M

Just to add in as this song got quite a bit of air play and still pops up from time to time.

Jesus of Suburbia- Green Day (9:08)

Also other Metallica songs have been mentioned, but their biggest long hit, One, clocks in at 7:24

Waldimar Ott

City - Am Fenster - a very great song for dreaming1


(14:07) jesus i mary star of the sea - zwan
(63:32) dopesmoker - sleep
(52:??) jerusalem - sleep
(420:00) somnium - robert rich
(40:00) crimson
(36:58) gossamer - smashing pumpkins

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