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November 17, 2006


Bruce K.

Thanks for nothing. I bought a legit copy about a month ago out of the usual "mindless completism".

Now, how about posting the soundtrack to "The Family Way" which I have NOT yet bought.

Seriously, I love the WFMU blog.

Bruce K.

Brian C

I Dig It! But I'm happy not to have paid for it…
Makes me think of the easy-listening album (cassette-only?) that Devo put out. Around 83?

Apollo C. Vermouth

Thanks a million for this, it sounds fascinating. By way of thanks, here's Paul McCartney / George Martin's soundtrack to "The Family Way":

Ian Peel

Thanks for the blog Kenny -- glad you're enjoying the book. Have you heard Rushes yet by Macca as The Fireman? It's wonderous...


merci pour l'album , c'est a l'oppose de ce que faisait lennon en musique experimental mais pour macca c'est tres bien

Danny Gottlieb

From Danny Gottlieb...I am posting this on September 20th, 2008. Steve Gray, who played keyboards on this McCartney recording, just passed away today (a sad day) and I was searching the net for anything that related to him. Steve was a studio musician at the time, and when I met him (4 years ago) had evolved into one of the best and original big band jazz arrangers in history. One day he told me he had worked with Paul on this recording, and like most people in the U.S. was astounded, because I had never heard of it.

I just listed to a few minutes of mp3's here on the FMU site, and as someone posted, it does sound a bit light weight, but Steve told me this was what Paul wanted to do at the time, and he was there, overseeing and giving direction for each session. The drummer, as Steve told me, is Clem Catinni, who also played on a zillion British hits, including "To sir with Love". I think Steve mentioned the recording was even released until 7 years after it was recorded.

Anyway- Steve will be so missed, and I just wanted all to know a little about the keyboard player on this recording.

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