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November 09, 2006


Chris L

THANK YOU Therese! I've heard this before but never thought I'd come across it again. Phooey and nuts.



double fucking bullshit

..... yeh.......

so this is what i (and alot of us) sound like in my/our unguarded, at-home moments ...

totaly sad and honest, when i hear this i hear a lot of things: a guy knowing any real control he may have over his situation is out of his hands, or at least recently slipped away ... i hear a guy cursing, in part, himself ... yeah, at 22 i would be laughing, but at 31 i feel this guys pain /


Bruce and his kid, true American heroes. In the middle of all that frustration and admirably hilarious profanity he sounds genuinely kind when he asks Joshua if he wants his synthesizer on. Great stuff.

Dog Licker

Poor, deranged, normal Bruce. I'm glad my kids didn't tape me.......or did they!!!!!!!!!?????????

Sean Jarleth

Unfortunately angry, frustrated & demented Bruce sounds disturbingly familiar.
Check out Phillip Larkin’s poem This Be The Verse.

Bren C.

Hey! If you're interested, I can email you the Mash-Up I made with Bruce cursing and swearing as Jandek plays his out of tune piano as featured on "The Beginning." It adds a certain vibrant richness to both recordings hitherto unforeseen independently of the other. Why didn't I think of it before? It's a match made in heaven (as seen from Hades)!

piano lessons

Cool post.But unfortunately angry, frustrated & demented Bruce sounds disturbingly familiar.

Houston Piano Lessons

Does he know his son is hiding somewhere nearby taping his every word? Did the car break down?

Piano Lessons

Always angry, always confused...I've been there before!

studying piano

Poor bruce. Hope he could that thing, it might be a help to lessen his frustrations in life.

Matthew Bate

Hey Therese (and fellow listeners) i'm making a film about another infamous audio verite recording SHUT UP LITTLE MAN! - if anyone out there is a fan of Daddy's Curses or SULM i'd love to hear from you. I'm looking for fans (if 'fan' is the right word) of SULM and DC... email is [email protected].
Thanks. 19/01/2010

Matt Rue

Just to let you guys know I know the people that made this tape! I was made in the Flemington NJ area. I actually know Bruce's family!

Matt Rue

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