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November 29, 2006


Big Andy

I can't believe that Thor is still going. I remember seeing him on UK TV kids show Number 73 one saturday morning and also have a show that he did at the Camden Underworld in London that was shown on UK TV on video, the man was amazing.

John Fink

Holy crap, thanks a ton for this. I first heard about Thor while reading Dave Bidini's "On a Cold Road" and have wanted to hear what Thor sounds like ever since. Now Rock'n'Roll Nightmare has been duly dumped into my Netflix queue. Hoohah!


But what of Cherry Bomb? I searched for years to find the Thor hits album, featuring "Midnight Man" as sung by his wife Cherry (I blame Bill Kelly for my obsession with this song). I confess I haven't given the rest of the disc a listen! But that bikini picture...hmmm...

Malcolm Tent

Hails! I was proud to host a concert by THOR and his band right after the one you promoted. It was here in Danbury, CT and truly was one of the most awe- inspiring concerts I've ever witnessed. It was my fourth live experience with THOR (the third being THOR live in the WFMU studios!) and it felt like the first- pure rock and roll excitement. THOR is indeed the real thing and I can't wait till he hits the road again.


Thor was featured often on the early 80s UHF music video channel U68, which also featured Uncle Floyd.
(am i the only one who watched that??)

they played a lot of his videos during their late night metal block. the one i remember most was for the song "Knock Them Down", i still have the chorus stuck in my head.

but the BEST thing was that they played public service announcements with Thor and they were awesome! in one he comes out in full regalia with a cheap publiuc station backdrop and says:
"Hi, I'm Thor and i want to remind all of you kids to brush your teethe regularly so that they remain strong.... and you can BEND STEEL!"

then he pulls out a three feet long half inch bar of steel, bites down on it, and starts bending it. it isn't easy either - he's grunting and groaning and thrashing around. it was a spectacle!


The mighty Thor has not forgotten the kindness of Uncle Floyd. He even gives him a shout out during his FMU appearance in 2001! Oh, and some of his Uncle Floyd appearances and U68 promos are featured on the An-THOR-logy DVD.


Don't forget Thor's starring role in "Zombie Nightmare" (do I detect a theme here?), as seen on season 6 of Mystery Science Theater 3000.


As far as I'm concerned, Thor will always be remembered for his heroic work in ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE, which was eviscerated on the very first MST3K I ever saw.


Thor played a halloween show in Winnipeg (Canada) with surf band the rock doras who played air guitar to a taped karaoke version of Thor's last album. It was best and worst thing i've ever seen on stage. Long live the Rockathoras!!!


HELLO! I've just downloaded PIL's video. :) Could you put more of their videos or SEX PISTOLS videos on your page, I'm a big fan of them... Or some PIL's mp3's... I would be veeeery thankfull. BTW great blog. You allready know... ;D BYE


Great post, and I can't wait to read the Jello Biafra story...


Great Thor story and goodies, thanks! As a Vancouverite, I was lucky enough to watch Thor perform on local cable channels as an impressionable teenager. And for some reason, Thor's blatant and unrepentant ridiculousness endeared him to the hate-everything punk rockers that followed him a year or 2 later. One of our local punk just-for-fun "supergroups" Rude Norton regularly covered Keep The Dogs Away (Dimwit sang it, RIP, former drummer for DOA, Subhumans, Pointed Sticks, Four Horsemen, etc). More recently, DOA did a split CD with Thor & toured together. But what's less known is that his Jon Mikel Thor days (see the "head shots" link you've provided) reached back to the hey-day of glitter rock. He was one of the opening acts for the New York Dolls when they played here in 1974, along with a Seattle outfit called Ze Whiz Kids, which featured future Screamers members (Screamers started in Seattle, remember). I believe Jon Mikel Thor also played CBGBs in pre-1977 days, I'm not sure who with, but note that Screamers members spent some time in NYC before moving the San Fran to form Screamers. He doesn't play up this predigree that much, but I find it interesting.

Station Manager Ken

I met Thor in the elevator when he was here to play live on The Stork Club. He was the nicest and most genuine musician I've ever met at the station. he seemed like a truly great guy.



hi clinton!
i just commented on your later post (i'm going backwards through all the posts i've missed while i've had no internet access) asking, on a longshot, whether you were the one who booked the coolidge.
i never got the balls to tell you this, but you are seriously the greatest show-booker i have ever heard of, ever.
microphones/calvin johnson/jason anderson, thor/damien storm/anal cunt (even though they bailed), low (i think it was there, right?), jello, i went to every one i got a chance to attend.
i had just started college and was so fucking happy that all of my favorite acts were playing in the perfect setting, a movie theater, where no one talked. that september 6th 2002 microphones show was the most important for me; i was the guy who sang onstage with phil (off-key because he was fucking with the guitar) during "lanterns." as a 19 year old friendless college kid, your shows were a real bastion of quality in the shithole known as the boston music scene. i missed you when you left, and you have never been replaced. i remember when you moved to ny. i hope you're still booking shows!
anyway, i'm playing in brooklyn in a week with don lennon and indian style. based on your taste, i bet you'd like the show. i'd love it if you came or even emailed me. thanks for everything you did for those of us in the underrepresented high-quality market!

the invisible man

I cannot thank you enough for the THOR mp3s...My copy of "keep the dogs away has definetly seen better days! I was lucky enough to see The Man himself live a coupla years back & yes, he is truly amazing, an awesome showman if ever there was! And he ROCKS!!! One of the funnest shows Ive ever seen..... Ive got the autographed hot water bottle (blown into pieces by the mighty lungs of THOR of course!) to prove it! "....You are like straw against the wind)

Joe Rogers

Are you kidding me? Thor sucks! No passion. No energy. He's hype and all show and NO go! None!

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