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November 24, 2006



Awesome! she's doing a cook-show for PBS now or sumthing I watch out.
For you who don't understand swedish,, imagine her speaking in an equivalent to a perky-like american southern accent. y'all come back now...hear!

And, she uses waaay to many ingredients than I have in my fridge at one time. I think even my grandmother think she's overdoing it...

But hey, she's blonde and kinda naiive, and looks like a girl in a '70s swede pornflick. so i guess she fits the stereotype for you anglo-types...haha


Um . . . the obvious response:


Yeah Parg...budibudi ööh budu budidi budidam.
That's how we Swedes sound to you guys...;D

BTW, what John was hinting to above was the possible reason to Tinas cheerful disposition: kola [kohhlawh]. Kola= Fudge, in swedish. When you order Kola at Mcdonalds you get Coca-Cola. When you order Kola in the streets you get columbian Coca.........see
I wasn't gonna go there but, hey!
[Älskar WFMU]


Umm how do you guys know about Tina!? I thought I was the only one watching obscure Public Television. her accent and ability to cook a salmon is so as paris hilton would say "hot".


She does indeed speak English and she has already done English-language shows for PBS.


Yeah her English-language show's been rockin' my world for a while now. She's the MOST.

Chef Uniforms

I love the swedish accident also very hilarious comments! Is she still on TV?


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