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November 20, 2006



How long before Negativland makes an album out of this?

Steve Portigal - see David Cross cover this version of the song, with Johnny Marr. PoMo-tastic


This makes baby Jesus cry.

With tears of laughter.

How long before this becomes the basis of an episode of The Office? One production cycle, if they are smart.

Dale Hazelton

When I was in marketing for an IPG company they were always sending us off to team building exercises, leadership "awakening" seminars, ponying up for morning breakfasts for pep talks (MacDonalds catered once -- no lie) etc., to foster that feeling of growth and oneness. Those were truly groan-inducing experiences, and when I watch The Office I get this sick feeling of deja vu. That's why The Office is so funny, it's not because Michael and Dwight are such asses, it's because everything about that program is so accurate, the characters, the politics, the self-importance of their mission....The sad thing is that so many of the folks who make corporate culture happen really do feel that their mantra of the moment makes a difference to the holding companies, their employees, shareholders and the world at large.

Oh, and Mr. Chandler isn't bad for his style of music...this may be some of the best publicity he's ever received, and his website will probably get a lot of hits today. He should send FMU a fruit basket this afternoon.

Stark Effect

Legally speaking, it's not a parody; in order for something to qualify as parody, it has to directly criticize or comment on the original work. Just changing the lyrics to a popular song does not automatically make it a parody.

Chris T.

This brings back godawful memories of one company in particular where this kind of stuff went on routinely. The utter cluelessness makes me want to go on a three state killing spree. For those of you interested in more of the same, check out this old post of mine with a re-written Slim Fast version of The Beatles' Revolution:


Wow, something to be said for boundaries huh?
I'm embrassed to be in the same hemisphere as that.
If it weren't for the prizes or the potential power
over life and death they wouldn't even get me to the
X-mas party or the CPR training. I have been asked though
to perform an encore of my classic interpretation of
"Can I help you?"


Where the lyrics in this song about the 32.9% interest rates on the Bank of America cards. And how Oprah is promoting a company that is old fashion just like in the days of the loan sharks.


MBNA and BofA merging? Does this mean I now have to check if all those phishing attempts are real?


Hehehehe... Laught laught laught.... Absolutelly, a unintentionally funny video.


Ahh the bitter corporate haters. They are usually the one's who were either fired, not promoted, or couldn't get a gig to begin with.

This is a seriously funny video and I'm glad the folks at BofA have fun at work sometimes. From those of us who eat because of corporate America keep up the attacks. All publicity is good publicity.

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