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November 17, 2006



very funny. if everyone really took a good look/listen to you all, there would be no more contests like this. how could anyone possibly catch up? it would be impossible. the other stations must look at your site and lose all the color in their faces, and the ability to close their mouths. they probably all tune in but don't tell their friends, cuz if they do.... their game is pretty much sunk. nothing in the world compares to your archives. [2nd place: archive dot org, but there's no 'personality' there]. in my ebay LP listings from now on i will rant like a maniac about how great thou art [and have already]. thank you, every one of you. you win it all, ad infinitum. it's a tough choice for specialty show, though. i wont name any spazzy names or downtown cherryberg transpacific kentrouble blicharzmonte crossroads or anything.


i agree. WFMU should win resoundingly. but i had to keep the vote in-house. go KUCI!


WFMU wins... What was the contest about?

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