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December 26, 2006



Hi, I downloaded the zip file but the DS_Store (?) file requires a password to extract it? Can I get it?

Kenny G.

Of course I didn't encode a password on it. Ignore the DS_Store file. It's a desktop icon, I think, for the Mac OS.



yes, ignore the .DS_Store files - it's crap from a Mac OS X file system that's normally invisible. You can just erase these files.


Hi, thanks for share this greate compilation, in spanish the artist from Spain Miguel Rios have a album ("Big Band Rios") with other cover stormy weather`s.

(search for LA TORMENTA the spanish title for Stormy Weather)

Greetings :-)


Thanks, I don't what the problem is, but it won't let me ignore the request for a password when I attempt to extract the zip file. Any advice?


This was my father's favourite song. I hated it when he would sing it in the car, when he was driving us around California. Now, many years later, I realize what a great tune it is. Thanks for reminding me.


I get a message that ALL of the files are password protected. Thanks in advance for all the work compiling this, though!

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