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December 04, 2006


Brian Turner

The only time I've ever watched a DVD commentary chapter was Brasseye's, where bums were imported off the street and put in front of the microphone.

Matthew Drake

I often wonder how well known CM is known outside the UK...

Bittorent fans can find some stuff on and

Matthew Drake

I often wonder how well known CM is outside the UK...

Bittorent fans can find some stuff on and

Darren Jones

'Nathan Barley' was also co-written by Charlie Brooker, who does extreme TV reviews for the Guardian under the name Screenburn - if you haven't heard of him, check out the archive here...,,1280131,00.html
(except last week's which fell a bit flat)

With these 2 as writers NB should have been brilliant. Instead, as a load of reviewers pointed out, it felt like they were flogging a dead horse...

"Nathan Barley began life as one of the characters in the online listings satire TV Go Home. Produced in 1999, it was an hilariously astute observation on Shoreditch. But since then, the dot-com bubble has burst, two of the four major “style mags” have folded and Shoreditch is full of suburban hen parties. So the immediate reaction to Nathan Barley is that it arrives long after the fact."

Brian Turner

You owe it to yourself to take 10 minutes from your life just to enjoy Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe: The Baby Mind Reader episode:


Nathan Barley may be post dot cock bubble - but the fact that the idiots fall for the very things that are mocking them make the show seem timeless, plus.. the cruelty of Nathan Barley is pretty amazing to watch as well.


On The Hour is an amazing radio program. I always assumed they staged the bizarre man-on-the-street interviews where Morris asked outrageous questions (talking to someone on the subject of the death penalty, Morris posed the question "What should be the penalty for death?"), but after seeing "The Day Today" I understood that Morris can just ask the most ridiculous questions straight-faced and somehow get his subject to try and respond as if it were a serious question.

Morris also worked with the late great Peter Cook on his last major radio project. Titled "Why Bother?", it was a series of interviews with Cook's character Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling. Morris, playing his pompous interviewer character, was a perfect foil for Cook, asking a series of bizarre questions (involving such topics as Betty Grable and the discovery of the fossilized remains of Christ as a child) which Cook met with sharp responses. "Why Bother?" shows that Cook was quite alert and skilled near the end of his life as he was when he first became famous during England's satire boom. The Peter Cook Appreciation Society interviewed Morris about the project, and the interview is online.

Gerard Cosloy

the roots of the Nathan Barley character, from Brooker's fantastic Radio Times satire, TV Go Home :


Charlie Brooker is a talentless chancer, his idea of a comedy is to use words like "Piddle" or "Bum Drizzle". Compare his juvenile efforts with those of his wittier and world wiser predecessor at the Guardian Jim Shelley, AKA Tapehead.


Many interesting comments above and a lot of good info.

I believe used to find quite a bit of Chris Morris stuff at cookdandbombed

The site is bafflingly slow now, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's bee torpedoed or something. But it's worth checking to see if the problem is merely transient.

Gerard Cosloy is right, tvgohome was the genesis for Nathan Barley, but the specific fake TV listings that created the germ of the series are archived at

I quite enjoy Charlie Booker's Screenwipe, fwiw.

BBC Radio 7 occasionally repeats On The Hour -- it's still funny whenever it comes on. Currently they're re-airing Alan Partridge's first feature program, radio's Knowing Me, Knowing You, which has a very tenuous connection to Chris Morris but which is funny in its own right. Episode 2 is currently up on BBC "Listen Again" at:

and episodes 3-6 will follow at that URL in weeks to come. I would be surprised if they don't re-air On The Hour within the next few months -- they seem to cycle much of the good stuff in quite often.

Morris has also done a short movie called "My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117" but i haven't seen it since I'm in the US and haven't been able to find a copy of that.

If you have a region-free player, you could do worse than getting The Day Today or Brass Eye from the UK on DVD. They really are hilarious and presage John Stewart and Colbert, though they have quite different angles on media, culture, and politics. And while I like a lot of Sasha Baron Cohen's stuff, I think Morris is a real satirist and Cohen tends more towards just punking his targets -- often quite hilariously, albeit.


"and again I must point out that he is doing this in 1994 - a full decade before John Stewart makes headlines"

and a full decade AFTER HBO's infamous Not Nessessarily the News
programm/ and to remain perfectly technical about dates, stewarts show actually took off more around the millenia, so cut hat 10 years to 4 or 5, tops ///


"and a full decade AFTER HBO's infamous Not Nessessarily the News"

Which was an adaption of the British show Not the Nine O'Clock news.

Oh how I miss the message board.


And that was two decades after TWTWTW, originally from Britain and adapted for the US also.


And that was two decades after TWTWTW, originally from Britain and adapted for the US also.


Chris Morris is amazing! I found Brasseye on a bit torrent site a few years ago and have shared them with everyone I know. The Paedophile episode is hilarious! HOWEVER, there is a large collection of audio plays called Blue Jam that is right up the alley of FMU listeners; in fact, I heard a cut from Blue Jam last week on FMU. There is an amazing bit with a 4 year old girl who stops by to help a neighbor clean up a murder he's just committed and to this day, all I have to do is chant "Chopped up man...chopped up man..." to crack up my kids (we're an odd family). I love Borat, but I worship Chris Morris! He is the modern equivalent of Jonathan Swift!


There is also a brilliant tv series that Morris made, based on the Blue Jam audio, called Jam. It's sort of like if Eraserhead was a sketch comedy show.
By far the creepiest thing he's ever done, but also one of the funniest.

Sleazy Martinez

If you were genuinely stalking him, you should have come to me for tips. The Talkback offices are round the corner from the office where I work (just off Oxford Street in London) and I frequently see him in cafes around the area. And I saw Peter Baynham in the Blue Posts once. Do I win a prize?

The Red Max

Just saw this whilst browsing and thought i ougtta let you know as soon as possible that the entire series of Chris Morris' "Blue Jam" Radio show (a mixture of surreal skits and amazing music. More of a music show with a dreamlike quality) can be found here

Cheers. Spread your gloots.

Mike P

@Blatherskite who was after Morris' "My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117" short movie above, check these out before the Man gets to them:

Part 1

Part 2

Multi-region DVD can be purchased here:

fatty jubbo

I'm currently on a Chris Morris binge. Jam & Brasseye in two days. He is a master. I'm rooting around for a The Day Today torrent now.


Does anyone have a link to a working torrent of the tv series of Jam? I cant seem to find it anywhere.


There's a whole Chris Morris torrent on demonoid - Blue jam, Cookand bombd the day today and brass eye. Classic!

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