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December 18, 2006



Here is the text to the 1942 Nazi propaganda film, in my (admittedly crappy) translation:

The homeland celebrates the fourth Christmas during the war, protected by a strong front.

Women artists and the wifes of artists (yeah, they really say that) prepare postal packets for the soldiers.

The school kids also pitch in enthusiastically when to make our front-line soldiers happy.

Nurses in a military hospital at the Channel coast prepare Christmas presents for the Eastern front.

The youngest ones craft a surprise for the father in the battlefield.

The night before Christmas (probably means the 23rd here, kids cheering up wounded soldiers) in a military hospital.

Christmas eve. The bells signal the beginning of Christmas celebrations. Their sound rings over land and sea to bring our soldiers at all fronts the greetings of the homeland.


Must be a real Protest Warrior Christmas, eh?

The Contrarian

Sheesh...the Nazis really gave new meaning to the whole War on Christmas™ imbroglio.


Just to put things in perspective - during the war years, both the US and British Christmas season was also militarized, often to silly extremes. It was not just the Nazis. War does this...



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Account Deleted

Usually, I instantly delete spam messages, but this one was hilarious - especially when attached to this particular post! Of course, I deleted their stupid scam business links...


I hope you did not go to WalMart where the crowd killed that poor man.

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