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December 27, 2006


Nigel Ayers

Hi Fabio-- thanks for putting my prints on your "best of 2006" list!!
Have a great 2007.

John Murphy

These Encounters of Theirs Straub and Hullet 2006 68m
I won ticket to this film on your show last week. Always curious about this pair, never seen their work, free tickets, what the hell?, right?
I've seen alot of film, both as a cinema usher, film student, projectionist, film professor, rider of long airplane flights...anyway, I dont think I have ever seen a less cinematic film.
This had the effect of questioning, during the entire film, "What is cinema?". That is great. The film as stated is probably one of the most underacheiveing works ever filmed.
Local Tuscan residents dressed in everyday clothes, speaking mock classical verse, without moving [raising a head, once] in natural settings. No camera movement. All shot from a standing person's viewing angle. An occasional medium shot to obiviously edit the log difficult to remember text. It's all about the words, but the film's first third had bad sound, either the print or some post problem. Subtitles. White French on the bottom and grey English just above came and went according to the pace of the dialect.
Brilliant. They had a life of their own. Instesd of abandoning the subtitles in a film like Volver [just to watch Ms. Cruz] They became the premiere cinematic event. Hypnotic. One stopped reading and just watched the formation of letters and words. One knew the dialogues were concluding [each was a reel long] by noticing the dirt and dust that gathers at the end of a roll of film. A change-over mark. Another. The event of the reel change. It was all very reassuring. Buddhist or Gregorian Chant of Cinema. Unintentional, but still oddly fulfilling. Thanks for the tickets.


what is the theme music that opens your show? it's so odd it haunts me


Fabio's theme is "Giant Man", by James Last.

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