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December 17, 2006


weeble warble

aw man, i was going to go see OVO play in this little greek restaurant called pocket sandwich emporium in tallahassee, but i missed it! bummer.


south union arts is one of the single strangest places I have ever seen a rock show. it's like something out of a david lynch movie or some decayed corner of southern california. on top of the neon jesus, the strange flourescent lights make the place even more bizzare.

weasel walter

thanks for the nice words about the luttenbachers record! i still want to work with you on the cover to the next one . . . let's talk. it'll probably be done in fall of '07




Sparks ''dick around'' is , yes, great. but i must insist you re?listen to the ...preservation society... LP by the KINKS [FLASH], before giving ''Queen-like'' credentials. coupla yrs earlier than Queen. ahh the poor KINKS... always overlooked like Sparks, 10cc, Todd....... THANKS FER EVRYTHN FATTY!

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