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December 01, 2006



Funny, I don't have any problems with the FCC. I chose to exercise a much more draconian form of "censorship" by smashing my television. Now, no more television. I STRONGLY URGE everyone reading this message to do the same. Get a hammer, or small calibre weapon, aim it at the set ( wear safety goggles PLEASE ) and unload. Wow, that's better! Like being cured of the clap after twenty dripping years...

The television in your living room is making you into a slave. A slave of envy, addiction, and greed. It's also making you stupid, every time you watch it. Smash the television now, and be free.

It's that simple.

Do it now.


Good suggestion. Thanks!


I'm also endorsing K's suggestion. Likewise, take your radio receiver and spray paint out anything above 94 on the FM panel.

Incidentally, I fully support the gang at FCC-FU, and it is in the spirit of wanting to see them at their most effectual that I say, that is one of the most butt-ugly, over-busy homepages I've ever seen.

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