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December 22, 2006



Cool! And I thought you needed all that expensive gasoline!

dan b

i did that once when i was a chistmas guest at my stepbrother's mom's house. she was sort of unhappy about the results. it's amazing how fast an entire christmas tree can turn into fire...and to think, she bought me "fresh fruit for rotting vegetables" as a present that year!


Merry Christmas!

So this is what the public service does for their Christmas parties. Yes it's all in the name of science of course...


My first job after high school was at NIST (back when it was still called the National Bureau of Standards). It's located on a huge campus in suburban Maryland and the lab where all the fire research is done is on the most remote, distant edge, a short drive - but a long walk - from the administration building where I worked. It's a shame NIST isn't open to the public anymore -- lots of incredible stuff going on there.

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