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December 22, 2006


fatty jubbo

man! that's a hot khaki ass in that picture!

ya know -12 years of living in Chicago and I have never been to Navy Pier! I understand I should consider myself lucky, although that ferris wheel sure is perty.

Your video walk-through looks like it was shot at a never-ending highway rest stop.


Of course, its Chicago's fault-- I mean, its pretty well plastered all over every tourist guide for upstate that I've ever seen.


The saddest part is the complete erasure of Navy Pier's former life, circa 15-20 years ago. It was basically like walking through half a mile of the set of Carnival of Souls to get to the lone operational building, the ballroom at the far end of the pier. Usually empty, it would occasionally play host to a Pow Wow or a creepy drill team from Indiana or any number of things involving Masons. While it certainly would have still qualified for a circle of hell and you could sometimes by gee gaws (and trip over piles of dead fish), it was vastly more entertaining than anything there now.


For some reason, there seems to be nothing tourists want more than to duplicate whatever experience they'd be having at home if they weren't traveling. How else to explain the people who have to go into *every* Hard Rock Cafe wherever they go, who always eat at chain restaurants, who flock to cookie-cutter Rouse Projects in whatever town they're in? Ben writes: "food courts, cheap gee-gaws and obesity should not be magnets for tourists.. unless that is the point." The thing is, of *course* that's the point. God forbid you should ever actually *see* the place to which you've traveled!

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