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December 12, 2006


Jorge Vaz Nande

Actually, the name of the album should translate to "Sucking Green Sugar Cane and Smelling Garlic on the Planet Lamma"

Jorge Vaz Nande

And, reading closely, you realize that his name "Experiença" is a mix of the words "experiência" (experiment) and "esperança" (hope).


A lot fo Brazilian music sites reference him, so your friends' supposition that it's a hoax seem well off-base.

Rob Ranches

As one of the webmasters i tell you guys , he is true !! it´s not a hoax. Damião, now 73 years old got plenty of weird music in head. He is recording new tracks and someone in Brazil is finishing a documentary on his life.
We will upload some more records (8) next month. Damião has 27 records so far.


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