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December 21, 2006



Of 2007, eh? Guess it was a better year than I remember.
Wholehearted agreement on 8: Hail the Menstruation Sisters!!!

Jason Elbogen

The '2007' thing was actually a typo (on my part). But now that it's sorta getting a life of it's own (what with Pawl's comment above and a second-rate joke I made this morning on the air), I suppose it's here to stay--just like 2007 itself will soon be in about a week.

Brian Rohlik

Jason Elbogen,
you're hard to find (so much so that I seem to have to post on a blog, i.e. more junk mail). Brian from the forum at Grinnell, if the name doesn't mean anything. In New Haven, am often in NYC, we should get together sometime soon.



The Heitkotter song was good, a reissue company is coming out with his album soon.

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