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December 14, 2006


jean philippe chabot

oh yeah!what a band!i arrived in paris in 1984 but their influence was still there! one lp, 2 singles, a tape and some tracks on some compilations but they left a mark on the whole punk/alternative french scene.except they were the only ones REALLY enjoying themselves(some bands were good though!)the cd/dvd is already out and available on various sites(amazon for example).
thanks for caring about the french rock scene.
try:dogs, les thugs, metal urbain, 84, asphalt jungle, vietnam veterans, heldon, ......


No mp3s?

Brian Turner

Jean Phillipe, is it on I didn't see anything on the 2CD/DVD on Amazon US or UK, and I can't really tell if that's the release being discussed (my French is poor, well non-existant!) Whatever is for sale is about 40 US bucks though, ouch. Feel free to fwd any links you might have to this - though oddly their My Space page insists it's out in March...

Brian Turner

MP3s are mentioned on the My Space page - see above

jean philippe chabot

hi again!
brian, it says march 2006 on their site!so it's already available and you can find it on
curiously, caiman has it available....
the cd is a real must have for those who like punk with a je ne sais quoi, as you say in the US!


Oh well... The MP3s on their myspace page dont work and cant be downloaded even if they did. Myspace bites. thanks for the article anyway, love the band.


Brian Turner

Jim, I just put in a couple links to hear Real Audio clips from assorted shows here.


Yes, I bought a copy of the three disc set through eBay a few months ago and it is *packed*. The first disc compiles all of their original recorded output, with the exception of "Cancer L'Amour" from the V.I.S.A. compilation, along with a whole slew of live tracks. The second disc compiles remixes, including one by BĂ©rurier Noir (mem. of Lucrate Milk), and the DVD has MP3s for "Les Remilks" which is a collection of covers, including one by 10lec6, who are very much in the same spirit and aesthetic as Lucrate Milk, and by far do the best cover on the collection. You can get the MP3 of their cover "She Told Me I Love You Fuck Off" at this address:

It's a combination of two Lucrate Milk tracks ("She Told Me..." and "I Love You Fuck Off"), as one cover. (Quick side note regarding 10lec6, their first ep 7" "Join Us!" was reissued by Troubleman Unlimited as a limited edition 12" and cd release, and the band put out an additional full length called "Counseling Orientation" now out in Europe, check these guys out!) The Lucrate Milk dvd is immense and packed with live material, music videos, photo albums with commentary, loads of hidden easter eggs, and a super gross pimple menu that squirts puss whenever you select any menu item! Really well done, packed to the brim, and highly recommended!!!

Brian Turner

I now have the CD/DVD and it does indeed kill. Reading the line-up, anyone know if Henri Flesh is the same fellow who was in Angel Face?


yes,it's the same fellow,it's me in fact


There are also other bands of this calliber that deserve special recognition
bands like Debile menthol (Switzerland)
also Wondeur Brass ( quebec) you should peep them if you like Lucrate Milk


i loove wondeur brass and debile menthol lots of their stuff is outta print though ( the wondeurbrass stuff) if you have a cd or a tape leme know how much i could pay for it . i have no record player and the actuellecd site has only vinyl

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