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December 11, 2006



I am really disappointed that the series is ending. It was always a high point of my day when a new installment was posted. I want to thank you for witty, insightful writing, for introducing me to the shortwave world and for reintroducing me to the hobby of medium wave dxing. My first experience with receiving radio signals from far-off lands (Texas IS pretty far from Illinois) was when I was probably seven or eight. I was driving in the Chicago area with my father at night in his late-60s Chevy Impala, and we were listening to a station somewhere in the Lone Star State. I remember the thrill that I got, knowing that we were hearing something most people in our area could not. Now, thanks to you and the Degen DE1103 that I purchased on your recommendation, I am experiencing that thrill again. I look forward to your occasional return - thanks again.


I, too, am sorry to see the series coming to an end. I had a blast putting together my contribution, and have recently taken to dragging my Eton E1-XM to the beach with my Kiwa loop with a thought to putting together a post for you with recordings of European mediumwave stations heard here in New Jersey. (I was just at the beach yesterday, in fact, although conditions were such that I didn't hear anything.)

I'm not aware of any current blogs posting recordings, but my friend Myke Weiskopf has a blog that's been dormant for most of 2006 where he was posting invididual receptions (rather than bandscans). I've considered putting together a podcast of such catches, but haven't really had the time....

Anyway, good luck, Professor. I'm sure you'll resurface somewhere, and I look forward to that. :-)


So sorry to see you go, P. Your words will be missed.

Dale Hazelton

Thanks, Professor, for these posts. I was so excited when the first one appeared here. You resparked interest in dusting off my various sets and giving broadband and shortwave another listen. To me shortwave is another venue/outlet/option for information and music, that sadly most people just will never experience. Hopefully it won't go the way of the dodo if digital broadcasting actually happens. People take radio in general for granted, but no one realizes how people like Edwin Armstrong were regarded for inventing the regenerative circuit. Or how Morse Code operators of the day were considered Gods, pure and simple, and could command a great salary. A good read is "Empire of the Air" (, I don't know if it has anything to do with the Ken Burns documentary, but at all of a buck and change, it's worthwhile. Hope to hear from you again soon Professor. Best.


Say it ain't so. Keep coming back with some dial scans when you can - they're one of my favorite things about BotB. Thanks to you, I'm thinking about getting a Degen sometime soon.


I found this wonderful piece of the WFMU blog a month ago, and have read every single post! I to have turned on shortwave after a long period of hiding it in my closet. I have XM and Sirius, and of course internet radio. But like your posts center around, there is something magical about AM and shortwave DXing. Some of my favorite shortwave stations are WBCQ, WRMI, Radio Cuba (especially when they have latin jazz), Radio Canada, BBC, and interesting enough China Radio International. I listen to each for different reasons, and of course just listen as I find them haha. On AM it's usually the music stations that draw me in. AM-740 is awesome, as is WSM-650. But talkers like WOR (thanks for pointing me to Lionel), WBZ, and WLW keep my attention. All-News radio interests me also, like WCBS and WBBM. Too bad WTOP had to drop of AM, but since I'm in the DC area that's alright.

My radio is mainly a Radio Shack DX-398, but as a amateur radio operator I also other radios with AM/SW capability. Sorry to see the blog dropping off, and hopefully we can read another "AM/Shortwave Radio" Series soon. Cheers, and good DX.

James W

Hey Perfesser, sorry to see you go. Like the above commenter, I have read and enjoyed every one of your broadcast and mediumwave band related blogs. They were most certainly something to look forward to every week. You know what's more fun than a barrel of simians? Commencing a bandscan at the very beginning of the Blue Pages (Passport) in the dead of night with snow on the ground in deepest winter in an electrically quiet environment. You might even hear a flea-flicker from Oceania as did I some years back. I already miss your blog. Don't stay away too long now you hear?


Professor, you're bumming me out. Your elegant and homespun tales of DX magic have been a wonder to behold, and I will miss your charm.

In other news, I just got my hands on a Redsun RP2100 and it's a sweet little thing. To the skies!


Loved the whole series! Very inspiring -- thanks a lot!


Dear Professor,

I started listening to shortwave a few years back, and I was dismayed by all the "Christan Kooks" as you call them, on the airwaves. And I hate to think that international people are listening to such hate. No wonder they don't like us Americans when they hear stuff like that.

Speaking of mediumwave, I live in New York City and can get a Toronto AM station. Nice.



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