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December 24, 2006



Ha Ha
I had that Hartz Mountain record. I loved that scientific intro about,
"This recording is made with a voice that most parakeets find most effective in learning to talk"...and then the babe comes on.

Henry Lowengard

I used the parakeet record for my outgoing answering machine message in 1995:

I think Dave The Spazz was the first to broadcast this epic recording, at least on WFMU.

Dale Hazelton

I just picked up a Mike Curb Congregation album at the thrift store. Your inclusion prompted me to investigate him, and he was really freakin' prolific. Check out the list: (can't decide which impresses me more, the theme from "Hotwheels" or Ronald Reagan's theme.....)


For some reason your torrent link from this page only launches my web browser with jibberish on it. I have never had this problem except when I tried to download your first comp last week. The mininova link worked great last week. Have you posted this torrent @ mininova (or elsewhere) as well? Thanks so much! I loved your first phonoanomalie last week!


Dale, don't just click on the torrent link, but right-click and save it to your computer. Only then will it be saved as a proper torrent file. Good luck!


PS: Glad you like the anomalies!


Just in case it doesn't work with the direct link to the Torrent file here, I have also submitted it to Meganova here.


Hi, torrent for "More Phonoanomalies.." seems to be dead. Could someone seed it again please? Thanks


I downloaded it, thanks a lot for seeding. Theese Phonoanomalies Albums are just great!


does anyone have the complete Hartz Mountain record in mp3


Realise it's a bit late, but any chance of a reseed on the torrent?


Any chance of a reseed on the flac torrent? Thanks!

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