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December 20, 2006


The King of Jingaling

Thanks for the mention. We aim to please. Serious collectors and Christmas geeks should definitely check out the forums.

Merry Christmas!

The King of Jingaling


The lesson I learned from this is to put NSFW on the last link.


here's a few more mixes to add to the mix:

and beginning tomorrow, check out the Six Degrees Traveller Radio Holiday Extravaganza (hosted by yours truly) over at live365:

itunes radio (under the Eclectic and Electronica categories)

or (in the VIP Lounge)

your pal, KRUP


some Fairuz Christmas songs, for those who need some arabic music to complete their holiday mixes

fatty jubbo

don't forget Pastor McPurvis over at the Vinyl Orphanage who has his yearly post of Christmas at C.P.H. - The Children of the Inpatient Music Therapy Program, University of Michigan’s Children’s Psychiatric Hospital...wonderful stumbling renditions of all the holiday classics. he also managed to track down and interview the two music therapists responsible for this record.

there has a dandy Cabbage Patch Christmas record up as well.

fatty jubbo

woopsie doo! I ought to READ instead of looking at the pictures! eh! eh! I just woke up, don't blame me! You wouldn't believe how hard it was to type the above with morning crud and protien deposits attached to my contact lenses!


That's okay. It is good to remind people not to miss that album. It's fantastic. Their version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is...well, it ain't merry, that's for sure.


Clinton, the seasonal Air Force recruiting PSAs were offered at "A Christmas Yuleblog" and not "Christmas A-Go-Go".

This was a 45 single I won on eBay, never used for my own devices, and offered to all the home Christmas enthusiasts who put together their own comps.

Thanks for the link!



Whoop! Sorry about that - I fixed the mention (I went and got my blog names all confused). I also went and provdied links to the front pages of all the blogs, rather than just the posts.

By the way, that Air Force 45 is a great find. And I hope you weren't insulted about my comments towards your blog. While I said it isn't a "favorite" (which I changed actually, cause I thought that was kind of rude of me to say), I like it a lot and it is definitely one of the premiere sites for seasonal tunes. I just downloaded A Country Christmas and I love it!

Cyborg Kickboxer

Goddamn fucking whoreson motherfuckers at FALALALALA using that braindead piece of shit bullshit Rapidshare for the 'Sleigh Bells' complilation.

Is there a torrent of the comp anywhere?


Merry Christmas.


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