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December 19, 2006



whoo hoo! thanks vicki and ergo! now I'll get to throw this in the mix at the family get together instead of that damned mannheim steamroller


I'm dreaming of an Ergo Phizmiz :) Brilliant PLU-Phiz-mix!

Seidzzi Frovesty

In my country, we are having it the wanderful musics, the military marches. Is good for the war, but sometime is not so good for the Christmas, extremely when we have too many of the pahtchnyiks at the Christmas Party. (Pahtchnyik is special drinking for to see who will drinking the most, but still to stand up straight. But everybody always end up getting the most drunked. Hah hah hah.)

Some times the drunks are getting kind of pushy and yelly, and is making everybody to be piss off, so then somebody starting the fight, and everybody having to bonk them at the head, the drunks, for that they will sleeping it off. So that is not so good for having nice party of the Holiday Time. Also too, is not so good for the Christmas, when everybody supposed to make peace on you, and the good will at everybody.

So now we are having this nice musics, of the Ergo Phizmiz and Vicki and Bennett, and everybody still getting pahtchnyik, with nose like Rudolph the Pahtchnyik Reindeer, but hey...everybody now not fighting so much, for these happy musics are Happy People of Christmas now in my country.

So thanking you now, from us, to Merry Christmas on Everybody. Ho Ho!

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