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December 17, 2006



I dont think your bit torrent link is hooked up right. You might need to jiggle some of those wires in the back.


I like the theremin and saw tracks, but someone should really introduce WFMU to the 'Saw Lady' who plays all kinds of instruments besides the above mentioned (like glass harp and pitched cowbells), not to mention that her saw playing is amazing. Check her out:


thanks so much lukas this is great!!!


Alright, I have never started a Torrent before, so I might have done something wrong, but my client here shows that four people are downloading from me at the moment. I have also posted the link to Mininova, and they show that there is one seed and four leechers, so something is definitely happening.

List. Oscar

Thank you, Lukas. Come on then 'FMU torrent team, let's have some seeders! Don't be greedy now.


Glad my little babies are getting out to some new blood. I'll keep the torrents seeding for the forseeable future. Thanks for listening!

mike odom

how can i get more of wes mr sound effects harrison beside the big duck hunt


I absolutely love all three of your Phonoanomalious compilations, do you ever plan to create another one?

dj sunshine

Simply the best collection of any kind of music/audio I have ever come upon. Great job! Love love love love love love love it.

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