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December 31, 2006



My God, these compilations are changing my life. Some great things I've been dying to get on mp3 for a while, and a ton of things I've never heard of. Thanks so darned much!


I downloaded the 3 compilations, thanks for share this amazing songs.

Happy New Year


Three cheers of undefined auditory fidelity to you Lukas!


The Cover from this compilation is originally from Tom Hazelton and Gene Ciszek's great "Explorer" album which is also worth an ear or two... ;-)


Lukas, is available the fourth part?
Can you share other LoBue's compilations, like "Moog Soop"?
They are great! Thank you so much!


Well, I have been entertaining my friends with "Phonoanomalies For Hi-Fi Bugs_2" the last few days - and downloaded the other two comp treasures today ;-))

All three installments have brought a smile to my face and a glow to my ears. Many thanks to Lukas & Keith and anyone else involved. They ARE great !!


Realise it's a bit late, but any chance of a reseed on the torrent?


Thank you very, very, very much for all of that great "Phonoanomalies" editions ! And other great music, of course! :) WFMU was "a love at first listening" for me, and since I discovered THIS treasure (dec. 2006), I never tuned any other radio / net station! :-) I love you guys! Keep playin' forever! :))

Belgrade (Serbia)

Pablo Escogrif

Great great great !!! Thank you so much, these are little treasures !


@Milan you are absolutely right! This place is a great treasure. I am just amazed! There is a cool recording studio which can record some great music like this, u can catch that RBM studio at


Any chance of a reseed on the flac torrent? Thanks!

Büyü Çeşitleri

Any chance of a reseed on the flac torrent? Thanks!

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