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December 24, 2006



I favour Ali he sure is THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME !

Come check out my celebrity spot with guaranteed laughs!


Read Oriana Fallaci's interview with him from way back. He was and is a dick wearing clothes. Nice his handlers tossed him some coins over the years.

Webster Hubble Telescope

In Scharpling's terminology, are these the Best of the Worst, or the Worst of the Best?


you mean ali IS one of the greatest athelets who has ever lived

he ain't dead yet!


and yet even with all that self promoting goofyness, we still love him. GOAT!




Superman vs. Ali is one of the worst comics EVER. Even when I first read it at the age of 12 I thought it was silly. But I have met people from Kenya and South Africa who thought it was the greatest.

Michael Powers

I remember my mother bringing home the 45 of "Stand By Me" just by coincidence since it was her favorite song; I don't think she knew who Cassius Clay was. The flip side, "I Am the Greatest," holds up surprisingly well for its time as a fast-paced rock'n'roll record, believe it or not. The poetry Clay is continuously credited for and that he quoted for years in every conceivable venue was actually written for him by a Jewish writer, oddly enough, although I believe Clay/Ali denied it in later years. The Parkinson's Syndrome that Ali suffers from, the cumulative result of so many blows to the head, is easy to imagine when one watches a recording of the "Thrilla in Manilla," one of the most intensely savage boxing matches in modern times.

Here's one you didn't mention that's infinitely stranger than the Superman comic and the cartoon series put together: Ali also filmed an ersatz boxing match with undefeated champion Rocky Marciano for theatrical release(!) in which a computer supposedly studied the two fighters and decided that Marciano in his prime would win, which may have a kind of eerie validity when one realizes that Marciano's and Frazier's styles were practically identical and Frazier was the fighter who actually gave Ali the most trouble. I vividly remember seeing previews of this truly bizarre curio in a movie theatre decades ago but I haven't heard much about it since, it's become as lost in the mists of time as that Jewish writer; I think maybe it ran on television somewhere at some point.

Michael Powers

Kirk Alyn has always been my own favorite screen Superman because I think he's the only actor to play the part so far who actually looks like the comic book Superman, and because his slyly effeminate little hop before he turned into an animation and flew through the sky (he was a former ballet dancer) was so wickedly subversive, intentionally or not. I think it's a shame that he turned down the cheapjack TV series that sunk George Reeves (who had a huge role in "From Here to Eternity" that got cut down to almost nothing when audiences recognized "Superman"), both for Alyn's sake and for Reeves', but especially for children ever since---to me, Reeves doesn't resemble Superman in the slightest.

Speaking of actors as super-heroes, I just recently learned that Captain Marvel's face in the comics was patterned after the Fred MacMurray of the 1940s, who played a similar-looking character during a dream sequence in one of his films. The Captain Marvel-My Three Sons connection.

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