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December 15, 2006


William Berger

My favorite scene in Joe is where he and the Mrs. are preparing to have the businessman and his wife over for dinner—there are so many classic lines, like "She doesn't go to Gimbel's, Joe" - "OK SHE GOES TO MACY's!!!"

Boyle is also great in The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Crazy Joe, and so many other films. Rest in peace, indeed.


When I read that he'd died, I went looking for the "Putting on the Ritz" clip on YouTube, only to discover that many other people had done the same, and that the comments section had turned into a little fan-memorial site of its own:

Station Manager Ken

Thanks Chris -

My mother took me to see "Joe" when it came out. I was eleven, and the movie both fascinated and horrified me. It was the first sex scene I ever saw - that love-in scene when the hippy chick told Joe that "sex isn't a 50 yeard dash." And then all the drug scenes with Susan Sarandon and her pusher boyfriend did more to make me want to try drugs than anything I'd seen up to that point. And the final scene, with the massacre at the hippy farm and Joe's friend killing his own daughter, really horrified and frightened me. It was definitely one of the most memorable movies of my youth.



Young Frankenstein is a seminal movie for me, but I also remember fondly Boyle's appearance on the X-files as a reluctant psychic.


I grew up right near the Lindenhurst Theatre and saw many movies there. Every time I go home now and drive past it I get sad when I see that it's closed. It was the first theatre I ever saw a movie at, it was The Cat From Outer Space.


He was also good in The Candidate.




The page of Worth 1000 that is current as I write is "Same Movie New Genre". Sort of a still-life version of remixed trailers, it asked contestants to reimagine a movie in a different genere -- kids movies as gory thrillers, gory thrillers as romantic date movies, that kinda thing. Listening to the mini-"Joe" segment on Scott's show, I found myself attempting to reimagine the Boyle movie as a romantic comedy. "He was a blue collar steel worker. She was a beautiful young flower child. When they met ..." -- and so on.

Incidently, no one has yet mentioned Boyle's incredible range. More than anyone of his era except maybe Robert Duval, he could play any part. From an evil West Indies governor with a pedophilic streak in "Swashbuckler" to Robert Pullman's loveable dad in "While You Were Sleeping" to - yes - "Young Frankenstein's" monster, there wasn't anything he couldn't pull off.

Bye Peter. I'll think of you whenever I hear "Puttin' On the Ritz".


Artie Lange had a good story about meeting Peter Boyle on the Warner Brothers film lot when he was doing The Norm Show. Artie and Norm saw PB in the caferteria and went to say 'hi' and introduce themselves. PB just shot back at them, "You wanna get fucking stoned," and Artie and Peter smoked a blunt behind the pillars of the White House set on The West Wing.

Vic Perry

Oh yes -- as the psychic on X-Files! Hardly any of the obits even mentioned that, and even I let it slip my mind! That was an incredible performance.

I only experienced "Joe" from the Mad Magazine parody! I'll have to see it....

Listener Kliph

Not too many people seem to have seen the excellent and weird movie Slither (1973) which starred James Caan, Peter Boyle, and Alex Rocco. It's an MGM/UA release and was released on VHS around 1996 or so. It is funny and bizarre and seems to have influenced the Coen Brothers. Too odd to describe properly here, Caan is being followed by a pair of black winnebago's without windows for most of the movie and Boyle is a lounge saxophone player. Rocco is a creep who eats three ice cream cones simultaneously.


Not only was John Lennon the best man at Peter Boyle's wedding, he was shot dead a few days before Boyle's first child was born. Boyle called that the most emotional week of his entire life, with birth and death occuring almost simultaneously.

Boyle had the reputation of being one of Hollywood's nicest guys. He will be missed.


Joe was actually kind of a lovable character, with his tirade concerning Easter orgies. Must be heard to be pronounced correctly. You can't really top "Slither," though.

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