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December 19, 2006


flame duck

So after all that buildup, where's the Rollers mp3s?

Listener Kliph

When I see the red atlantic label I think of Wilson Pickett. I loved the thick solid quality of Atlantic 45s from that era, which were for some reason ten times sturdier than that of any other label's wax. I found some great footage of Wilson Pickett performing live in Europe in 1968 on Youtube, great stuff. Especially when the audience crowds the stage and goes insane during Land of 1000 Dances, and Wilson makes the scrawny white guy with the thick accent to sing the 'na nanana na nananan na na' part. Just one of eight parts:


Great BLOG dude, i will come and visit u again very soon!!! just a question: i listened to your mp3's by Charlie and his Orchestra

( )

and i want to use "Nice people" for one of my videoclips. Is that song protected by rights or is it "creative commons" licensed?

Thank you.


Don't overlook "Whole Lotta Love Supreme" by the British-Scandanavian jazz group Stekpanna. It's exactly what you'd think, a "mashup" arrangement for Jazz trio of the Zep toon and the Coltrane classic.

Sample here:

I bought the CD that it appears on ("All For a Beautiful Life") from my Oxford Classics don, who just happened to be the bass player ("Yorkshireman Steve Kershaw").

Listener Mike D.

I remember listening to Ken's performance when it was broadcast several years ago during the marathon finale and snickering. But in retrospect, he holds his own against the falsetto banshee wails of one R. Plant quite well!

King Daevid MacKenzie

...hey, don't give the bad rap to the Bay City Rollers. "Money Honey" and "Yesterday's Hero" were damned good rockers in their own right. And "Whole Lotta Love" is a Led Zeppelin cover to begin with -- they lifted the tune from Muddy Waters...oh, and if you *really* wanted to get kicked in the balls by an Atlantic 45, you shoulda started with "Fire" by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Literally scared the piss out of my grandmother the first time I played that one in the house when I was 7 ;-) ...


Hi Parker -- indeed, that track is in the public domain, so feel free to use it as you wish.

Hi Flame Duck -- haven't I suffered enough humiliation, without having to actually make y'all listen to The Rollers?? And anyway I ain't got no mp3s. Frankly, I barely remember what it sounded like - but I do remember the album cover, it had a big blue pill on it. Yeah, it was a big pill alright!!


And hello King Daevid MacKenzie - you're right, Led Zeppelin stole everything. That's another post entirely. I'll bet "Fire" scared your grandmother, tho I am sorry about her peeing over it. Anyway, "Fire" wasn't there when I was 11 and getting my balls kicked -- "Whole Lotta Love" was.

Vic Perry

If you play the end of "Ho Lot'o'Luv" backwards you can hear George Jetson shouting "Jane, stop this crazy thing." Or was it forwards?


The mono mix/edit version is the most bitchin' thing going. It sounds like my speakers are about to explode, every time I play it!
Has anyone noticed on the L.P. version, when Jimmy is doing that violin bow and theramin bit and "Bobby" is screaming his lungs out, how much it sounds like somebody getting a tooth drilled, without the benefit of Novocaine? Seriously. Next time you hear the track, picture a guy in a dentist's chair when that part comes on.


hi i have a led zep story well i was 10 and i had heard the ocean on the radio kats fm in 1985 but i didnt know the name just had the riff in my head but i found ledzep2 in my friends mothers record collection?so we my friend put it in the stereo and played whole lotta love because i knew of that one at the time i knew it was great but it was not the ocean which i was looking for but i knew it was intense and i liked it


Does it work to embed? I'll try it. Here's Adam Lambert doing a bluesy, jazzy acoustic version.


Here's Adam Lambert doing a bluesy, jazzy acoustic version.


And here's Adam Lambert performing Whole Lotta Love in traditional rock arrangement:

Motor Oil Man

Wow, they are bit wild at the end of the intro but a third of the way in it really starts to rock! Sweet cover of Zepplin!

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