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December 16, 2006



Florida's waiting for you Ken.....biding its time.....waiting.....patiently.


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Elliot Harmon

How can a post like this exist without even mentioning the Indigo Girls version?

Station Manager Ken

I fixed that first broken link.

I wear it as a badge of honor that I was not even aware of the Indigo Girls version.



Ken, I believe El Vez incorporated 39 Lashes into one of his epic rock 'n' roll pastiches. Garcialand maybe. (My music is still mostly packed away so I can't check explicitly. Not a straight-up cover but a worthy footnote certainly.


What about the Mr. Show parody, "Jeepers-Creepers Semi-Star"?


I am still kicking myself for not buying the of JCS in Hungarian when I saw it at Footlight Records.


And don't forget about the Indigo Girls backed "Jesus Christ Superstar: A Resurrection" featuring a mostly Atlanta cast.


Ken, your kid isn't alone. When my dad would pull out the brown and gold album I'd be screaming "no side four, no side four!" That hideous tapping and the poor man saying "I'm thirsty" over and over had me pretty worked up, too.


Like Ken, I first tumbled to album-rock via JC Sup - in my case, the messenger was a high school buddy with the album on cassette. For reasons to detailed to go into here, it was one of those rare albums that really, literally changed my life. Thanks to Ken, that's all been reduced to rubble. The next time I'm asked to explain WFMU, I think I'll save myself a lot of trouble and point the asker to the archive file of Ken's 12/13/06 show.


The JCS LP was an early imprint on me as well. For the past 5 years, I've been in the chorus in a 20-piece Minneapolis concert version of JCS -- every year at First Avenue on Good Friday. Our Jesus is Katy Thomasberg - I'm now in the band Felonious Bosch with her. (Burning her a copy of your mix right now...)

My comment is -- have you heard the version of "John 19:41" on the original 7-inch of "Superstar"? Webber & Lloyd must have run out of ideas, cause there's a strange piece of music on there after the soothing strings that makes absolutely no sense -- no motifs in common with anything else on the whole album. Let me know if you want a copy.


I have a Czech cast version of JCS. Some years ago I was holidaying in Prague with my brother, and we found this CD of the Lloyd Webber rock opera sung in Czech language laying around the house. I liked it so much that I saw fit to buy a blank chrome tape and make a copy (just don't ask me why I did that when I could have bought the CD). Later I converted the tape to mp3 and, luckily enough, it didn't sound as bad as I'd have thought.

One of the most stunning things about it is that the singer who plays Mary Magdalene has exactly the same voice as Yvonne Elliman. Oh, and I still enjoy singing "Proc ten shon, ptam se co je povidej" instead of "What's the buzz, tell me what's a-happening".

Let me know if you're interested! Thank you for the mix!


If I'm not mistaken, the Jesus in the Japanese version is Shigekatsu Katsuda...better known as Takeshi Kaga; "Chairman Kaga" from the show Iron Chef!


I have a medley from a school choir from Hannover/Germany, that you can download here: It's titled "Jesus Christ Superstar (Nazareth Your Famous Son, Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say), But If I Die, I Don't Know How To Love Him, Superstar)"


very, very, nice work.


Awesome work!

By the way, do you have the full JCSMoogerstar? I'd love to trade for it...


The 1992 Australian Cast is still me all time favorite or the 25 soundtracks of Superstar that I own - highly recommended!


THE BEST funky hammond medley version is by a guy called Klaus Wunderlich, a staple of the New Zealand bargin bins. Also anyone heard the mormon apocolyptic musical 'Time is running out (for the planet earth)' gold.


and what about tenacious D's heaven on their minds,
pure genius i tell you

Kip W

Hearing the Jan Brenner version really makes me wish that there'd been one where all the voices were multi-tracked by Tiny Tim.

Jim Fourniadis

Proud to be included. My band the Rats of Unusual Size, used to rock this every easter.

Graham Gibby

Hrm... I did this same (though less varied) thing on KFJC, Los Altos Hills, CA in 2004.
Nice to see how far it can go.
-G Squared


I am looking the version of the Drunks with guns 7", it has "Superstar" and "Crucifixion", any clue? Juan

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