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December 20, 2006


Dan Century

The Krampus appears in the Christmas episode of the Venture Bros.


It's all about Krampus and Kid.


And there's "Zwarte Piet" (Black Pete) off course in the Netherlands and Belgium. In these countries the name day of Saint Nicolas, or Sinterklaas is celebrated on the 5th of december. According to the tradition, Sinterklaas sails each year to the Netherlands from Spain on a big steamboat laden with presents.

On the island Ameland a different tradition (more like Halloween) is celebrated where "Sundeklaas" goes through the towns and villages. All women and children should stay indoors or risk getting caught. The challenge is to go out and stay out of the hands of Sunderklaas.

Apparently the Dutch and Germans brought Sinterklaas to the new world via New Amsterdam, now New York. And now they are importing Santa back and celebrate on the 25th of december.

fatty jubbo

I did want to include Black Pete, but, well...people don't like the whole blackface thing. I tried looking for a decent picture of the NEW PC "colored petes" but they looked like the Jolly Green Giant at Disneyland.

thank you for the tidbits.

listener mark

yeah, blackface is pretty weird for us Americans. I remember going into an Amsterdam bar in early December a few years ago, and was shocked to find the staff in blackface (and silly costumes). But they said it had nothing to do with actual black people--they were representing Santa's helper elves, with soot on their faces from going down the chimneys.

Co de Naam

These dudes look pretty ugly... In the Netherlands "Zwarte Piet" (Black Pete) looks a lot more attractive than the guys in the pictures above... Are they trying to scare the kids or something?

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