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December 18, 2006



I'd give it an 86. It's got a great beat, and you can genuflect before Ba'al to it...


Reminds me a bit of the fourth movement of the glorious Ninth.

Mark Allen

So much for Dr. Howard Bannister's theory on the inherent tonal qualities in the igneous rock formations of early man.


how soon before this turns up in a kia commercial?


isn't that the demo tune of old Casiotone?

I have the real oldest recordings made on Indian wire recorders found buried outside Curio AZ.

write to me for real story

Happy Harry Cox
Blue Mouse Trailer Resort
Hellmouth, CA 90666


I haven't heard it yet, but I'm going to pretend its "Free Bird" until I actually do.


I listened to it, and thankfully, its not "Freebird." It has a real call and respond sound to it.


I thought the oldest song was the "Ur-song." I wish I'd known this earlier. I could have told those guys in woodshop a thing or two. Maybe better that I didn't.


I think it is facinating. What an amazing discovery.


It is Syria; my home land, the country of old civilization…


Thanks to Professor Anne Draffkorn Kilmer for deciphering this Sheet Music.
I think it is a gorgeous piece.


sounds..........old! id say itl get a 95%, 10% 4 age!!


The link doesnt work, i cant listen to it. All i get is the quick-time icon with a question mark in the middle. :(

Jack Campin

Sounds VERY much like "Merrily We Roll Along". (There are other interpretations which don't).


My best friend made for me a seven string lap lyre, it always sounds like ancient music no matter what is played. I wish the midi recording had been done on a harp or lyre. Seems the tempo on that recording might have been a little too fast for a song to the Moon Gods wife, Goddess of the orchard. I think about a full moon night under the pear trees along the Sacramento river delta. Slow and romantic music comes to mind.I need and arrangement for my seven string lyre so I can play this song for my sweetheart at the next full moon.

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