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December 10, 2006


Walt Clampffer

I was sitting in my friends living room in 1967 listining to a comedy record his father just brought back from Florida. I heard this brilliantly funny guy saying, "There are 10,000 drunk stories" and then he proceeded to tell a few of the great ones. I finally met Woody while sitting at the bar in the Bahama Hotel in 1966. What a character and and entertainer. Can you imagine doing that night after night without getting sick of it and being fresh each and every night. He behaves as if he is void of any ego and truly deserves all he has earned. I have followed his career almost everystep of the way, from the Bahama Hotel to Frank Uncles in Toledo and on. I would love to meet him again.

Walt Clampffer

Pleas correct the previous comment to read friends living room in 1957.

Wes Clark

"hey Woody are you a turtle ?" and got the sweet "you bet your sweet ass I am"

Don't I recall a novelty song along these lines circa 1968 by George Gobel?

Marty Moran

I heard ground control hollered to Wally Shirra in space "hey Wally are you a turtle?" And he answered correctly even from orbit. Marty Moran May 13 2010

Dean Pennington

Is Woody still living? If yes does he make any appearances?

Christopher Bay

Woody Woodbury is alive and well and living in Ft. Lauderdale, still busy as ever entertaining folks! Below is a link to a new Woody Woodbury Facebook fan page:

Booze is the only answer! Join us as we celebrate the life and career of Ft. Liquordale's favorite son - comedian/actor/TV personality Woody Woodbury! We've got excerpts from Woody's classic comedy albums, rare photos, video clips and more! Feel free to post photos, videos, and comments! Bottoms up!

Ted Nadel

I just saw Woody perform at Kings Point in Tamarac Fl. He was EXCELLENT. Can you tell me when he was born and what was the name of the place where he worked in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Thanks

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